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- You, the darling, to a postoyta here, near, and I will admire you, - I give way to the pleasant lady in a hat. The trolleybus politely writes with a running line: “OST. B. Morskaya“.

If you have no desire to compare what was Leningrad and what St. Petersburg turned into if you just are curious citizens - get into the trolleybus. Trolleybuses and buses of the city, as well as ten, and twenty years ago, are full as a box kind fellow citizens who will discuss with you show-windows of the Nevsky from which flickers before eyes, learn in what year you were born and as whom your father worked, and will surely be glad with you the Alexander Garden which turned green suddenly from confusion. Only do not ask the conductor why on an emblem of his form wings - bothered to answer the conductor this question already.


If New Peterhof you arrived to station from Oranienbaum, at the same time it is necessary for you in the center, and with you a carriage - consider that in an underground passage there is no opportunity with it to go down. And therefore personally to greet the baron von Stigliz it will not turn out - go to moving. There, on a balcony of the freshly painted box (eh - ma! - at the same time and plastic boxes for flowers!) the cheerful uncle in an orange vest will tell you - go, I will detain!.

*** About what in the Leningrad zoo is misbehaved by two nice polar bear cubs you heard

in news. It is possible to admire hours their games - and will not bore. But if it wants to you statically - the sweet picture, rise by the second floor of an ekzotarium and find the Syrian hamsters. You will see the plywood lodge with windows and a pipe to the full filled by someone`s backs and moustaches. The word of honor, I will not be about analogies, I promised …

*** to

In Lomonosov - May. It means, Eleninskaya Street becomes Zeleninska, cathedral domes are brighter, and the serious seller in office little shop will strictly ask the little girl: “How many I have to hit mother back?“ For those who finish the first class … And the muffled column which is filled up with snowdrifts opposite to the station becomes a monument, and ducks are already not so hungry and gray. And even the uniform of security guards in park becomes brighter. Black, bright. And wind … well, and it has rushes. Spring, fellow citizens! Let`s calm a hairdress in “A red crow“, admiring a tattoo of the bartender and having discussed with Morrison`s portrait our pressing problems, and again - on the route. With a considerable speed. As month is May the shortest month in a year. Soon - the white nights, and then time for everything at us will be even less, and it will be necessary to be in time very much...

Everything is already ready: it is hidden unattractive, shabby - greens; shy, but nightingales distinctly sing. Residents of Peterhof, Petersburgers, residents of Lomonosov and … Martyshkino`s inhabitants - look back and smile. The shortest month in a year. Month of hopes, summer fabrics and thoughts …