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Work on the cruise liner. The paid rest or heavy work?

Modern successors of magnificent “Titanic“ surpassed the famous predecessor by the sizes and capacity of passengers long ago. For example, the newest cruise liner of the class “Oasis“ is capable to show beauty of the southern seas more than to six thousand passengers in one flight.

All these people who spent thousands of dollars for cruise wish well and with comfort to have a rest. Daily they eat tons of food and reserve mountains of garbage, count on an easy pleasant situation and cheerful pastime. To meet expectations, the personnel of cruise should slave away.

In team of the cruise liner not only professional “old salts“, up and down the izborozdivshy ocean open spaces which a lot of took salty splashes. The lion`s share of crew - service personnel. The multilingual motley community of young people scrubs corridors and toilets day and night, looks after kids, washes kitchen the dishes, gives food and drinks - does everything that rest was remembered.

Young. Annually recruitment agencies take young men and girls aged from 20 worldwide till 32 years, enticing them an opportunity to see the world, and at the same time and it is easy to earn decent money. Among adventurers there are many our compatriots.

The cruise liner - huge hotel. The most various experts hotel and show business are required for it. Naturally, the lowest steps of office hierarchy, launching sites as they are called by recruiters are offered the young man without special knowledge and experience.

The candidate has to confirm gravity of intentions, having paid 250 euros, such is program cost. From the moment before obtaining the invitation to work several months have interviews. In addition it is necessary to pay services of agency and air flight to the place of work.

The main requirement to candidates - knowledge of English on a conversational level. According to those who happily worked all contract, onboard really not to do without language. However, initial difficulties of communication are overcome quickly enough. Of colloquial practice - is more than enough.

The contract lasting 6 - 10 months is offered to young people. Under the terms of the contract it is not necessary to pay for food, accommodation and health service, earnings are not taxed. Money is offered not transcendental. It can be a salary, or percent from revenue if, for example, it is about the place of the bartender. According to those who worked in cruise, 1000 - 1200 dollars a month at the paid food and accommodation - the quite good sum.

What is required in exchange? High-powered work with total dedication. The discipline on the vessel - is similar military, and it is necessary to work so much how many it is required. Need at different specialties different. For example, the kitchen works almost constantly, providing continuous series of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and banquets. The twelve-hour working day for occupied in production of food - a commonplace.

You expect to have a rest during week-end? Please, if only they are. Days off at service personnel happen extremely seldom. According to one of kitchen workers - the only real chance to receive day off - to declare that you have a diarrhea.

On the liner especially do not stand on ceremony with violators. Three violations - and good-bye. Strong guys from protection will bring the violator to the airport as soon as possible, will buy the ticket, will wish happy journey and will track that God forbid did not run away anywhere. It is possible to anticipate actions of the company and to leave “at own will“. In this case protection will not be, but also the free ticket too.

However, not everything is so terrible. Lack of days off for some specialties is compensated by existence of daily free time. For example, bars open in the second half of day therefore bartenders and waiters quite are able to afford to luxuriate on the beach where - or in Jamaica.

Which - which of girls hopes to find in cruise of “prince“. Please, if the prince too from a service staff. The guy and the girl can ask to lodge them in one cabin, to send for work in one cruise. International marriages on liners surprise nobody, business young.

Well, and millionaires have, alas, the circle of contacts. The schedule is developed in such a way that the service personnel meet vacationers only at work. At team the bars, dining rooms and vacation spots. Usually there is an Internet access which cost depends on chariness of the company. At desire it is possible to work in ship training center, to lift qualification and even to receive the certificate.

You wish to try? Good luck!