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Than the Scandinavian walking is good?

Northern, or “Scandinavian“, walking (Nordic walking) is popular many years not only in Scandinavia, but also in Europe. Finns call it in own way: sauvakavely. The phenomenon appeared in Finland thanks to the professional skiers seeking to support themselves in shape all the year round, even out of a ski season about 70 years ago. They guessed to train without skis, using walking with ski sticks.

Medical researches are conducted regularly with 80 - x years of the XX century; they confirm positive influence of walking with sticks on the level of a physical condition of the person, as gave an impulse to professional and mass application of Nordic Walking. Today in the world millions of people are engaged in the Scandinavian walking. Professional instructing in the Scandinavian walking is everywhere provided in the list of the main services balneo - hotels and wellness - clubs in Europe. In Hungary and the Czech Republic even the international competitions are held - and young and old alike is engaged in Nordic walking. The winner in competitions the first is considered, come to the finish.

Where teach Nordic walking

However and in Russia where the Scandinavian walking strongly won the niche as a new type of fitness, among a general population it actively gains popularity. By preparation for competitions it is used by a national team of Russia on biathlon and skiers.

There are both adherents of this mass phenomenon, and enthusiasts, and the skilled instructors popularizing Nordic walking. It is simple to find them, the profile websites on a subject are open for the interested person on the Internet, and in reality - receive one of the best instructing in the Scandinavian walking in Pushkin, the suburb of St. Petersburg, in sanatorium “Detskoselsky“ where emphasis on a relaxation of people of advanced age is put, enviable experience is saved up and real results are achieved.

Certainly, the Scandinavian walking is a perspective view not only rest and a relaxation, recovery of health for elderly people, but also prolongs them life (“the movement is life“). Here monthly take a course of recovery of health, including by means of Nordic walking, hundreds of our mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers.

What else the Scandinavian walking gives?

• Is reduced by pressure upon knees and joints.

• Improves work of heart and lungs.

• Is ideal for treatment of problems of a neck, shoulders and a bearing.

• Sticks help to move with faster speed without any efforts.

• Effective occupation for athletes who need continuous training warmly - vascular system and endurance.

That is this walking supports in a tone and, without exaggeration, restores to life people with problems oporno - the motive device. It is the best walking for weight reduction naturally (without tiresome diets). Occupations are shown all the year round, in particular - in the winter and in the summer. The result is achieved in the natural way - by means of the rhythmical movement and the correct inhalation of air outdoors.

Promoting of Nordic walking led to the fact that on streets more and more people of different age, one by one and even families walking with the sticks similar to ski meet. Unlike walking without sticks (a promenade outdoors), races and cycling, the Scandinavian walking gives simultaneous load of hands, shoulders and a press. It has all advantages of aerobic loading, without having at the same time collateral shortcomings, such as load of knees and joints; what is especially important for elderly people and children.

The Scandinavian walking keeps in a tone of a muscle of the top and lower part of the case at the same time. In the course of occupation about 90% of muscles of a body are involved. Walk with sticks burns 46% more calories, than fast walking, and, naturally, occupations by the Scandinavian walking are much more effective than a racetrack - usually establish it in the hall where “stuffy“ air only harms a certain contingent of “walkers“.

Mass, improving sport in the open air with local load of muscles, reminds ski walking without snow covering, with rolling sticks. Sticks for Nordic walking are similar to ski, have fastenings for fixing of hands, are selected under growth of the specific person. Height of a stick pays off on a formula: human height x 0,68 (± 5 cm). For example, at human height in 185 cm the stick is chosen about 125 cm long. Work of a certain group of muscles therefore, the stick length - the more loading is higher depends on height of a stick. Special sticks for occupation by the Scandinavian walking cost about 900 rub. The effective technology of application of the Scandinavian walking allows “to load“ locally an organism and not to be traumatized at the same time.

In Russia there are no restrictions for this purpose occupation, very useful to health. It is necessary to overcome a small complex of excessive shyness only.