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Why to give birth to the child in 40 years? Late abortion of

U is a lot of me girlfriends and acquaintances who are more than forty years old. Among them there is no that which would not make abortion. In youth, at already mature age, years so in thirty seven, thirty eight... I do not know who is guilty of it - their husbands who relaxed on an old age of years, or they, grown and lived life in the country in which “there is no sex“. The essence is that among my acquaintances there is no woman who did not make late (in her opinion) abortion. Also there is no woman who would not regret about it.

When they drink, and they drink enough - often, begin to remember this, latest abortion. To calculate - how many to the child would be years now. To guess - if I left it. Ah, if I left it, then the kid similar to me would be born. Now it would go to the second class. I would do with it homework.

Behind these words it is heard: I would not sit in the evenings one in the empty apartment, going crazy from loneliness, to me would be what and whom to be engaged and to whom to be necessary. I would cook dinners and dinners, would drive the beautiful baby (or the kid) to the pool or on dances and would feel necessary. And me would be to love whom whom to kiss on the temple smelling of gingerbreads. Whose curls to comb for the night and whose braids to braid in the morning.

How the newborn child smells? Your newborn child smells in general best of all on light, everything that was invented, synthesized for all existence of mankind. The kid smells of vanilla and wool. It smells as the best spirits in the world. As a rain in summer evening. Skin of the kid smells sweet in the flowers and blood, milk and the southern wind. There passed hours over the newborn when I turned the head from his smell when I could not breathe, listening to knock of his heart. Admired fingers - goroshka and patches - ranetka. It Utykatsya by a nose in a silk sleepy tummy, being afraid to wake...

The reason of late abortion is called always one - the husband did not want. It is difficult to admit to himself that you did not want. Otherwise nobody would force you. Of course, the late child - it is heavy. And than you are more senior, than it is heavier to transfer sleepless nights. Again for about two years to plunge into washing of a dirty bottom and feeding from a spoon. For the woman - it is heavy, for the man as the statistics shows - it is impossible.

Nobody healthier becomes with age, but my friends explain numerous female sores to these, late, gormonalno with abortion, destructive for as it is not a young female organism. My friend made fifteen. She is forty five years old. It has two children. And whole fifteen abortions. That is it the whole fifteen times could cook in this happiness as the berry in sugar syrup, but chose something another.

In the twentieth century the anesthesia was business very conditional. Both by production of abortions, and at dental care. Therefore the woman who practiced similar things in such quantities, apparently, derives pleasure from sufferings, and abortions - her opportunity to feel favourite feelings. By the way, then my friend found the husband who regularly beat her so began to do abortions, probably, optional.

Those who did not make late abortion represent a pathetic show too. They are regularly called grandmothers of own children. But it is easier to take out it, than draft inside and outside when literally skin you feel the leaving time. When grandsons not soon, the husband already far, and children - further the husband.

What is to be a forty-five-year-old woman? And who thinks that it to be a forty-five-year-old woman, in thirty five years? In thirty five years the woman still the queen of all the life. It still can have a future, and there is already some past. There are a work and career. And at this age the woman the easiest goes and does abortion, probably, feeling in herself a huge number of not dissipated forces which can be devoted to already available children, career, self-realization, travel for which here only - money only began to be enough. And to all the rest.

These stories not one and not two. When the number of the women, with bitterness who told me about the last late abortion passed for ten, I undertook this article. What for? If someone who is at the crossroads reads and will leave the kid - means, I write not for nothing.

I not against abortions. And I not for increase in birth rate at any cost. I giving chance to already live. Eventually, to give chance to itself. Chance to be happy.