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How to behave with a puppy of a Yorkshire terrier in the first days of his life at your place?

Here your dream came true, and the small lump of happiness already gently snuffles at you in the house. And you are also happy and “in horror“ at the same time:

Where to put a puppy to bed?

How to accustom a puppy to a toilet (or a diaper)? What to feed with

a puppy of a Yorkshire terrier?

As is frequent and when it is better to walk a puppy?

1. Food. you Feed a puppy with what you were advised by the manufacturer if something is not clear, do not hesitate, the manufacturer also as well as you loves a puppy and will surely prompt as to you to arrive in this or that situation: you call and ask.

Never you feed a puppy with food from your table or about a table, otherwise over time the dog will begin to beg about a table that will cause your anger.

2. We will accustom a puppy to a diaper. If the manufacturer told that the puppy is accustomed to a diaper - stock up with diapers and patience. That the puppy did not become puzzled in the new house and quickly got used to go to a toilet to the same place, I recommend to make the following:

- To clean carpets all rooms where it will be authorized to puppy to go. In each room, corridors and a loggia put on a diaper. A puppy of a Yorkshire terrier small, and the house at you big therefore it is important that in what place the puppy would not be, in his field of vision has to be a diaper. Kids very quickly make decisions: wanted to pee, looked around if there is a diaper, on a habit will go to a diaper and if did not notice a diaper, will pee where stood. Children... What from them to take?

- When you will see that the puppy descended on a diaper, praise him the kind word, for example: “good fellow“ also give a delicacy (but not often treat the kid that the delicacy was appreciated by it, but it was not perceived as self-evident). You should not praise in a word today, and tomorrow another, a praise it as pleasant team therefore the puppy will better understand a praise if you always use the same word.

- Every day shift diapers on 2 - 3 cm towards that place where according to your decision there will be a toilet for a puppy. And over time you will be able to clean diapers at all, having left one in that place where now a puppy toilet. Over time you will be able to return carpets when you are sure that the puppy already remembered where his diaper.

3. The place of a dream for a puppy of a Yorkshire terrier. whether Solve for yourself you will sleep in one bed with a puppy?

- If you decided that the puppy will sleep with you, then be attentive and careful not to damage a puppy during a dream. Also consider that the kid can wake up in the middle of the night and begin to creep on a bed, at the same time can fall.

- If you decided that so far the puppy small to him is better to sleep in the special place, create for it comfort and a cosiness: in advance buy a stove bench for a puppy in pet-shop and when time to sleep comes, put a puppy on a stove bench. Also in the afternoon when you notice that the puppy falls asleep, carry him into place. Be strong and sustained! At night the puppy can begin to cry (to cheep), accurately approach a puppy and whether check everything at him well, but it is better to make it so that the puppy did not notice that you approached and look at it. The matter is that the puppy instantly remembers that he does and to what it conducts. And here he squeaked, and you right there “arrived“ to rescue him: the puppy will understand that if he needs boringly “to peep“ and you will come. So should not be! Therefore we are stolen on tiptoe and whether we check everything well at a puppy and if there are no visible reasons, except peep of a puppy, for concern, we go to a bed and we try to fall asleep. At me this test lasted week because I in the first night gave in on manipulation and resorted to popervy call of a puppy, sat so far he will not fall asleep with it. Perhaps to you will carry more.

4. How it is correct to punish a puppy? can Abuse and shame a puppy only at the time when the puppy does something not correctly, in 2 minutes the puppy will not understand what he is punished for. Never on beat a puppy with a hand! If the kid strongly naprokaznichat it is possible to hit a puppy, but so that it was offensive, but not painfully physically, it is possible to slap on a bottom a piece of the twisted newspaper, at all not a hand.

5. Toys and games with a puppy . The puppy of a Yorkshire terrier surely has to have own toys that he understood what it is possible to play with and with what it is impossible.

All in your hands, accustom also yourself, and a puppy to an order and sequence. If established the rule, then do not give “weak point“ if of course, you want to receive a clever and well-mannered dog in the future.