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How to address strangers? Sir, sir, barin, companion, citizen...

- you were not here, the young man! The man, you did not stand here!

As often should hear similar offensive words in some turn. For example, in policlinic. “You did not stand here!“.

And from where you, the pampushka bawling this phrase, know when at us, men what stood and did not stand! Still in general would blurt out: “At you did not stand here, the man!“ And where then stood?! It turns out, there. And where there? One discomfort from the above-stated absurdities in the speech and the similar address. “Man“, “woman“ - all this somehow biologichno and facelessly.

Then the question how decently to call the stranger in our environment moreover so that it was standard (as the signora / signor in Italy, for example) demands development.

We will start:


Grant the sir / lady, the most known option in the English-speaking countries. Sir yes of the lady and Ms. and Mrs. Sounds if it is honest, short and beautiful. But in our Russian option the sir`s lady differently as you will not call “serikh“. And it is that just and does not sound! Yes confuses. “Serikh“ - it is close to the woman participating in a syrodelaniye. No, me it is option - “sir“, “serikha“ - is represented awkward, not our.

2. Sir / madam

Ancient address. But it is destroyed at the same time community of people who so each other called till October, 1917 - go years. By the way, I had once a friend who had a reputation to the core for the intellectual. Erudite. Was interested and really loved that layer of aristocrats that predominated in Russia of the end XIX, the beginning of the 20th century. Even it seemed to me sometimes that the guy lived in the consciousness those times more, than present.

It had one strange feature for which some individuals wished to drive sometimes it “a face about teybl“. Namely: he all passers - cross women called not differently as “madam“. We will come, for example, to the student`s dining room, and it has even a cook that a scoop bent the first spills - “madam“. The guy so naturally called women “madams“ that he always made invariable success. When I bellowed “the madam!“, girls began me to be afraid, and it are niskolechko. The same cook splashed in a plate of the young fan of aristocratic circles of the last century the weightiest shmat meat. It is good that the friend gave me this piece because I demanded “to share fraternally“ food production and moderately at the same time shook the companion for breasts (that there were lean student`s years).

Unfortunately, all these “madams“ were come to a bad end. My friend went to the South where he at night restaurant touched a trifle. Began to invite to dance girls of local musclemen - bandits. At the same time called maidens “madams“, squeezed them, nearly charged extra verses in their ears. And those other phrases, than “madam“ and rhymes of poets got used to hear ears absolutely.

Maidens extremely liked such manner, unusual for them. But here “musclemen“ solved in a different way, and simply “navalyal to very clever greenhorn“. A beating those were not in vain for the young man`s brain, and “madam“ was forgotten how something offensive and injury-causing in our society.

3. The companion

the Pledged pleasant word surprisingly approached

both men, and women earlier, and even persons of an uncertain sex. But now “companion“ - too outdated concept. Though some twenty five years ago it was the main address in our country. “Tambov wolf to you companion!“ - a brilliant verbal cliche, but - “companion“ together with companions disappeared the abyss. And it is a pity.

4. The barin / mistress

Agree, it will be pleasant to you if people unfamiliar to you begin to call you “barin“. Here you sit where - nibud in park, nibble sunflower seeds under the name “Barin“, and the beautiful girl approaches you and languidly asks: “Treat me with “Barin“, the barin!“.

Or the same, but you will call you “mistresses“ if are a woman. The little man then will tell you the following: “Mistress! I am a barin! Whether you wish my “barin“ to try, close up a small barchonk?“

Can far send such barin, but not about volume the speech. There is a hassle: all well and only cannot be all “barins“ and “mistresses“. It does not happen! Because, someone has to both the peasant to be, and the sailor, and the worker, and the soldier. No, the “barin-the mistress“ option not for all is also not capable to become common.

5. The citizen / citizen

the Best option as it is represented to me. We are all citizens of the country, and some also other countries at the same time. Let`s remember Mayakovsky: “Read, envy, I am a citizen …“ You will tell that too officially it - to call strangers the citizen and the citizen. Just like law enforcement officers. If we aspire to a police state, then “the citizen - the citizen“ very corresponds to spirit of the similar organization of society. A police state for Russia - not the most bad option. In the long term, perhaps, we will also receive a similar social system, but not now. Therefore the address “the citizen - the citizen“ with “a distant sight“ is quite perspective.

6. Donkey / chicken

the Used, but very rough, at first sight, address. However if to listen attentively, then in it also humane notes sound. The love to dumb animals - to burros and chickens - does heart of an individual softer, more human. But to obtain on the person at the similar address in our inhumane society very much even it is real. Therefore at all love of Russians to living creatures a call: “Hey! Settled in a red cap!“ or: “Hey! Chicken on hairpins!“ it is unacceptable.

7. Person!


It is sure, you remember how this phrase is majestic: “The person - it sounds is proud!“. If unfamiliar also see in you the person, they already allocate you from huge group of mammals. But addressing so another, the person thereby expels himself from group of people. Here in what a hassle! Very few people will make up the mind to a similar step. Even the most cruel, fallen type considers itself as the person. It sounds is proud! But - wounds vanity and will not become the standard call.

So, we see that with disorder of historical eras also the marked times accepted in patterns of the address of people to each other fall. Not so long ago passed time of “companions“. And what in exchange offers wild capitalism? Except a sheaf “a nasyalnik - idiots“ performed by Mikhail Galustyan and Sergey Svetlakov - anything. Possibly, during this transition period, the “citizen-the citizen“ option is represented to the most real.

Kind to you health, citizen and citizen!