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Where to follow creation of the websites?

Many small companies,

realizing importance of own website in business, try to find the most favorable

offer among numerous a web of studios and freelancers. And finding

such, apparently, ideal option of development of the website, often as a result

receive at all not what was expected. It is so far better to address to make

the website qualitative and convenient, at the same time without having wasted excess time and money

If to you promise to create the website

very quickly, think of whether there will be a ready project “stuck together“ on

to a template. It is impossible to create for couple of days the Internet - shop,

rather professional, qualitative, possessing exclusive

web - design. Perhaps, the design will also be original, but

functionality, or on the contrary &ndash will suffer; at rather quite good functionality,

its appearance will be unattractive. To it there is a simple explanation - stages of creation

of the websites which demand work of big group of employees each of

of which is a skilled expert in rather narrow area, are inaccessible to freelancers,

even if also very talented.

Aircrafts for passenger

transportations are not under construction small offices, and tens of people work on the circulation of the glossy magazine

. For the same reason in creation of the website the

programmer has to program, the maker-up - to impose, the designer - to deal with the issues

of registration. Perhaps phrases “harmonious work of collective“ and “professionalism in

work“ already became stamps which are used practically by all journalists writing

about creation of the websites. Nevertheless, it - basis of process of development

of online store, corporate website and even website of the business card, and

of development qualitative and reliable.

Despite it, on average

price range quality of the performed work also strongly varies. You can receive a high price for

the qualitative website, but without highlight, and for

smaller - real masterpiece. However, it is simpler to deal with this question much

: the portfolio of creation of the websites of the company can tell about it much more

more, than numerous awards and awards.

There is one more argument which

will convince the most stubborn skeptic that it is difficult to create the website enough

, and it is necessary to trust such work only to professionals. High-quality creation

of the websites includes extensive predesign preparation. First of all,

the professional manager, having communicated to the client, will find out what aims are pursued

by development of the website, whether it be online store or the corporate website. Then he will allocate to

target audience, together with the client will accurately formulate characteristic

features of the website: a look (advertizing, information), type (the Internet - shop,

the website - the business card, the corporate website and so on). Other members of team,

participating in development of the website, at once after receiving a task,

will be busy with not less important tasks, for example, selection and registration

of the domain, development of structure of the website, design. Specialists in selection of content

will be engaged in information filling of the website.

It is known that in important issues not of

happens trifles, it is especially important to consider this rule if you need to create

the website. If the main page is executed poor, a web - design nalyapisty

or, on the contrary, too gray, navigation is confused, then the user with big

probability will just close a browser tab, and you will lose the client. Same

concerns both the speed of loading graphic and a flash - the &ndash elements; at everything there has to be

a completeness and professionalism. Therefore charge creation

of the websites to professionals - it will be the right decision which in the future

will surely turn back to you profit.