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Who is he is Alexander Men?

Men Alexander Vladimirovich are a priest of Russian Orthodox Church, the theologian, the preacher, the author of books on divinity, history of Christianity and other religions. Was born on January 22, 1935 in Moscow, served in arrivals situated near Moscow, it is brutally killed by unidentified persons on the way on service early in the morning on September 9, 1990 of

during the performances in church it received notes with threats more than once. Who threatened and why? It is unknown. Despite personal orders of presidents of the USSR and Russia, murder it is still not opened.

When the priest with the injured head came back home and, weakened, hung on a gate of the house, the wife did not recognize him. Why?

The suspect was detained, he confessed to murder and presented the axe - the crime tool. But examination of it did not confirm. Why?

It is established, gang-killers was two. One gave And. The menu a note during which reading by the priest another approached behind and knocked on the head (the axe or an engineer shovel). Who were these two? If the axe served as the tool of murder, the trace conducts to church if an engineer shovel - to special troops of KGB.

On the eve of murder at And. I was the conflict with the wife`s brother. Check terminated without results.

In this case there are more questions, than answers. Who was killed actually? And what role of the wife who did not recognize the killed? There are no answers still.

Alexander Men was born in a family of the Jewish origin. The father Vladimir Grigoryevich Men in the childhood studied at the Jewish religious school, worked as the engineer and was an atheist. Mother Elena Semyonovna Men (Tsuperfeyn) since youth reached for Orthodoxy, studied orthodox dogma (Scripture) in a gymnasium, was secretly baptized together with 6 - the monthly son the priest of Catacomb church (the part of Russian Orthodox Church which passed in 1920 to illegal status).

And. Men in 1958 was expelled from Irkutsk agricultural institute for religious beliefs, in a month was imposed in deacons. In 1960, after the termination of the Leningrad theological seminary, became the priest. In 1965 in absentia graduated from the Moscow spiritual academy.

Main work A. Me - the book about Jesus Christ`s life “The human son“ published at first in Brussels in 1969 and then in Moscow in 1991. To the middle of 1980 - x years of its book were published abroad under various pseudonyms. From the middle of 1980 - x it was actively printed in the Russian mass media. Was one of founders in 1990. Russian bible society, Public orthodox university, World of the Bible magazine. Participated in creation of group of mercy at the Russian children`s clinical hospital called now by his name. In Russia was one of the most popular orthodox preachers. Its books are translated into the English, French, Polish, Lithuanian and Ukrainian languages.

Murder And. Shook me many people not only in Russia, but also beyond its limits. It was the case exclusive, outstanding: before at us since 1930 - x years of priests never killed. But A. Men was not only the priest, he became the spiritual leader of Russia. And those who organized this murder well understood it. And he was a unique, most talented preacher, the benevolent and sensitive person.

Literally all who communicated with it, told then that the meeting with A. Menem was a turning point in their life. For many it became a real ideal of the orthodox Christian.

It is necessary to remember still time when A. Men became the person public. It was time of rough God-seeking after many years of official atheism. And for many And. Men became the religious leader, the living orthodox belief and love to people, became a live icon of Jesus Christ. Alexander Men spoke with people language clear to them, spoke about the good and evil, about belief in good, about meaning of life. He said that loss spiritually - moral guidelines, withdrawal from ideals plunge human society into chaos and running wild. He considered that it is possible to cure our seriously ill country only on the way of revival of spirituality and morality.

It is interesting that A. Men saw the main danger to Russia not in atheism, and in revival of the paganism which is very often acting in “an orthodox wrapper“. He opposed an excessive ritualism, intolerance to dissent, preservation of domestic old times. And it is valid, very often we see from orthodox “novoobrashchenets“, and such - the majority, the attitude towards priests not as to preachers of the Word God`s, and as to some “gurus“, mentors whose each word they perceive literally as the guide to action. And it is not return to God, not spiritual revival, but the spiritual slavery fraught with negative consequences any more. Such relation to religion led to the Jewish riots in due time, and now - leads to attacks on all “not of ours“.

Preaching A. Menem of spiritual freedom, Christ`s upholding of truth, fight against those who turn Orthodoxy from love religion into ideology of hatred encountered the hardened resistance both from conservative-minded orthodox priests, and from intelligence agencies. The slander and continuous shadowing accompanied And. Me for many years. And when in the country methods of coercion became unpopular and weakened, and to make the priest it was not succeeded silent, just killed him, having disguised murder under a robbery and “domestic squabbles“. As our former leader glorified by some and until now “spoke there is no person - there are no problems“.

So the priest Alexander Men became the real orthodox Saint, the martyr in Christ. And its doctrine is suppressed still. Who does not trust me, let will look for modern reprinting in Russia of its works. Well though the fact that they are available on the Internet.

Without dividing some views And. Me, I consider that such persons bearing to people light and love are necessary and useful to society.