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What to be engaged in the resort in?

Here are able to have a rest some! Will be away on vacation and lie to themselves on the beach the whole day - do not think of anything. Perhaps it is also the real rest from all problems, hard work, the fatigue which collected in a year?.

all Come home such suntanned, freshened up:

- How has a rest?

- Perfectly, two weeks in a chaise lounge up a paunch - not rest, but pleasure … But in a year such rest will not remain to

in memory, and resorts and the countries will be as like as two peas and will differ only in the airports. It is good if from excursions something in the head is postponed.

But I here so cannot. I why to lie by the sea or the pool will not understand? Better to sunbathe? Or it is better to have a rest? It is good to sunbathe, doing something or going where - or. And it is possible to have a rest at night. At the same time and to have a sleep.

Even in the territory of an autonomous resort complex itself can think up interesting occupation. If with you in travel there are children. I think that they will not be against small entertainments.

For example, after meal it is possible to feed any local living creatures - from cats to crocodiles. Crocodiles, however, did not come across to us yet, and here everywhere it is enough cats. In one Turkish hotel with children went to treat turtles who lived in its territory. However, they still should be found. But too a quite good competition for pathfinders. The local grass, probably, bothered long ago the found copies because they literally “pulled out“ grapes and sweet cherry from our hands.

At the sea it is possible to take in a trip with itself a small telescopic rod. Fishing on the yacht in the high sea will cost good money, but believe that to fish from a pier or a breakwater it will be possible with not smaller pleasure. And to prepare the caught fish, to salt and slightly dry or feed to the same local cats.

It will be quite good to approach in the first day of arrival suntanned compatriots who depart home one of these days and to specify information on local sights. Communication - a great thing, for example, we so learned about existence in the next hotel of a small zoo, after that visit and feeding of its inhabitants became one of hobbies.

Being on vacation in Spain, often passed by city park in a supermarket, without trying to come on its territory. As we were surprised when having entered inside, found not only the most beautiful landscaping, but also its inhabitants. Here on full freedom there lived hens, ducks, geese, peacocks, rabbits and guinea pigs.

In Greece the hotel beach did not differ from tens same in the district. But if on the seashore to depart on couple of hundreds of meters, then it was possible to see the small rivulet framed with crowns. In this river there lived gluttonous fishes who in a moment destroyed the thrown bread pieces. The impudent white duck who loved bread too and sent from it fishes competed with fishes. And if there was enough patience to sit several minutes quietly and not movably, then to the coast careful water turtles swam up.

I think that from any resort besides a well rested body it is possible to bring a heap of bright impressions which you will remember after long time. It is only necessary to look around, maybe, to feel the child a little - and the world will become unusual and attractive around.