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The tape packing

of PET a tape possesses a set of useful qualities, as allows to support on it a great demand.

Now, polyester - material from which PET a tape is made became especially popular and even more often at the industrial enterprises a tape packing steel is replaced with PET a tape. At cost the tape from polyester is much more favorable, and thanks to unique characteristics, it as crash-worthiness and elasticity, allowing to ensure safety of production when loading and transporting, PET a tape becomes irreplaceable for packing of various production.

If to compare PET a tape to a tape packing steel, then it is possible to tell safely that the first is much more favorable to your business and is less unprofitable for your purse. It turns shortcomings of a steel tape into the indisputable advantages.

the First essential advantage - PET a tape is not subject to corrosion and negative atmospheric actions. It will never spoil goods traces of a rust and will not damage a freight surface. Remember as at excess of humidity on metal orange stains appear. In a consequence this spot can soil, or even to spoil your freight. The rust is essential minus against which the tape steel packing can fight only towards an advance in price. And the tape from polyester gives to the owner as a useful bonus.

In difference from a packing tape from PET steel a tape possesses elasticity thanks to what even when jolting and falling your client will receive accurately freight. Some heads doubt plastic durability before metal. Also do it absolutely in vain! Durability of PET of a tape is quite comparable to strength characteristics of polunagartovanny steel packing tapes. Managers of our enterprise will pick up a tape PET standard size for durability calculated on your freight.

To all listed PET a tape packing is esthetic and absolutely safe for health of the person. These undoubted advantages of such packing tape do it to production which was especially demanded for packing at the industrial enterprises.