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As the woman whom for 30 needs to put on... and always to look at the same time stylishly

When you choose things for the clothes you have to have the main thing - understanding. All old-fashioned clothes will always age you and to look very boring.

the Clothes of the teenager on you will look absolutely ridiculously.

What to do? If you understand that you need to buy and that it is already time and to send to a dump what dress with what will be combined or will make the complete antithesis, then you will easily dump couple of decades.

For a start you need to refuse some things which it is possible at you is.

1. The fitting jeans, footwear on big heels.

2. Pass - skirts, tinovsky undershirts from multyakha, a strange out-of-condition hair.

3. Polo-necks under a throat, inexpressive, pensioner colors and tone of fabrics.

4. Clothes of one tone and any design novelties.

5. Clean from your clothes old trousers with the underestimated waist, any tops which do not close a stomach and all transparent undershirts.

6. Clothes from style the teenager not for you.

Elegance and its rules

1. Never blindly be in the fashion. Buy only what will suit only you.

2. Try to carry classical things. Always, even at simple things the highlight has to be observed.

3. Try to hide the parts of a body which are not decorating you, for example a stomach, armpits, a decollete, hips. But at the same time, if you possess a beautiful neck or a bust, then you need to allow for yourself to a decollete.

4. You feel always assured on heels - can safely use such footwear always.

5. The main thing - never you carry what does not go to you at all in spite of the fact that this thing can be and actually fashionable.

How it is the best of all to carry out updating of clothes? Everything is very simple

- sort all your things on categories: trousers, dresses, blouses, jeans, tops, jackets, etc. It is not necessary to hurry to pick up sets from all things. You have to select from all things which are available for you only necessary, having separated from them those which you did not put on already long time. Your clothes have to have the order and for this purpose it is necessary to do its revision every season.

Of what things from old clothes it is necessary to get rid quicker?

All things in which you look just awfully does not need to be protected to go to them on the house. To these second-hand articles different sweaters treat with applications, perenoshenny t-shirts, old tights, old sundresses and dresses, old linen, sports suits, cut-offs, ripped jeans, unclear costume jewelry, old bags, old fur coats.

What things is simply obligatory to be bought?

Surely acquire to yourself new clothes. The best is fashionable blouses, the black dress for winter and for summer, qualitative undershirts is obligatory. A black skirt, classical trousers, a jacket, dark jeans, a sweater with V - figurative cut, a good bag - all this will be just necessary for you.

Buying new things not necessarily choose expensive. Simply everything acquired has to be new in your clothes and be always combined at least with two other things. Notice such rule if having tried on a thing it to you was not fallen in love, then and it is not necessary to buy it. Also it is not important at all what the thing is, cheap it or expensive, sense only in that it was pleasant to you and you looked good in it.

Is important a condition of the fact that the thing suits you - - you feel in this thing sure and irresistible. And after that as you update the clothes choose for yourself all necessary sets and combinations.