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When and what was done by Pushkin in Kiev?

190 - to the anniversary from the date of the first visit of the great Russian poet to Kiev the movie of studio is devoted to “Nova K_no“ “Maria`s Dream“.

on May 14, 1820 twenty-year-old Sasha Pushkin for the first time set foot on the Kiev land. The young poet got to the city secretly, for only one and a half days, going to so-called “Exile to the South“ where it was expelled by the Russian emperor Alexander I for seditious verses: “Samovlastitelny villain! You, your throne I hate...“

the Poet dreamed to see long ago “a zlatoverkhy hail“ of which it sang in the first poem - the fairy tale “Ruslan and Lyudmila“. Kiev struck it - the spirit of the Ukrainian Hetmanate and the Cossack outlaws soared in the city unfamiliar to it hitherto. Pushkin was surprised by both architecture of the Ukrainian baroque, and patriarchal customs of citizens, and the atmosphere of a capital hail of Kievan Rus`.

He stays in the house of the general Nikolay Rayevsky. Pushkin is familiar with his family long ago, but in days of the Exile to the South of Rayevskiye will become for the poet close friends. In Rayevsky` house Pushkin will get acquainted with outstanding people of that time: the general - the Decembrist Mikhail Orlov, the Greek revolutionaries and at the same time officers of the Russian army Ipsilanti`s princes, the Polish count - the mason Gustav Olisar, the poetess Anna Turchaninova who is keen on sciences and is on friendly terms with scientists of the Kiev Spiritual Academy, the daughter of the Kiev leader of noblemen both allegedly gendarme agent Carolina Sobanskaya and her sister Evelina Ganskaya - future spouse of Honore de Balzac and also with many Decembrists from “The southern society“ …

the First acquaintance to Kiev stirs interest of the poet in history of Kievan Rus`. In January, 1821, on the eve of Maslenitsa and Podolsk contracts, Alexander Pushkin comes to Kiev again and will see off in it about a half moon. Maria and Nikolay Rayevskiye show it winter Kiev. In search of prophetic Oleg`s grave the poet - the romantic about the mountain to Shchekavitsa where he conceives “A song about Prophetic Oleg“ wanders.

In old Kiev, on the Hem, there pass “Podolsk contracts“ popular at that time on which gather not only the nobility and merchants, but also actors, musicians, and even participants of secret societies! Here the fair boils, give balls and concerts. Together with the poet - the hussar Denis Davydov Pushkin sees performances in the first Kiev theater where the famous serf actor of that time Mikhail Shchepkin will play later.

The picturesque Kiev Hem carried away the poet, and under impression of what was seen his “Hussar“ will be written there: “That put Kiev that for edge! Dumplings in a mouth fall …“

Pushkin Excitedly examines antiquities and landscapes of Kiev, “marveling the divine nature to beauty“. The ancestor of the cities of Russians will be remembered by him then in the to “The Borodino anniversary“: “Our Kiev decrepit, gold-domed, this ancestor of the Russian cities …“

He visits all ancient temples of Kiev, and in Kiyevo - Pechersky Monastery, near the old grave of the Spark and Kochubey executed by order of the rebellious hetman Mazepa, Pushkin conceives the poem “Mazepa“ which for the political reasons will be called “Poltava“.

Perhaps, the late fall of 1822 Pushkin once again visited Kiev, but the past did not leave to us marks of this secret visit. Having said goodbye to Kiev and friends, the disgraced poet goes to Kamenka, and then - to Odessa and Bessarabia.

The history which was so honored by Pushkin placed the accents over the past. And it is not surprising that in Kiev there is a park, the street, the museum and school which bear a name of the great Russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin who for the first time saw “this zlatoverkhy hail“ 190 years ago …