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Smoking and teeth. How to avoid unpleasant consequences?

Having tried to begin to smoke a cigarette once, just out of curiosity or for the company, we involuntarily become slaves to this addiction for many years.

Harm from smoking of tobacco is obvious. Lungs suffer first of all and it is warm - vascular system, then teeth, a mouth and face skin of the fan of cigarettes. Here it is possible to add the unpleasant smell from a mouth which is associated with a smell of the ashtray filled with stubs, the smoked clothes and hostility of surrounding people. In smokers families health of children is exposed to serious danger.

I want to dwell upon aspects of harm of smoking for an oral cavity because smokers risk to lose the teeth and a beautiful smile of the peers much earlier. Stomatologists daily face the smoking patients having problems with hygiene of an oral cavity and, as a result, the diseases of teeth, gums and fabrics of a parodont following from here.

All stomatologic problems which arise at smokers and are links of one chain, it is possible to divide into several categories.

In - the first, at fans of a tobacco smoke it is formed ugly resistant it is yellow - a brown raid on teeth , the so-called “raid of the smoker“ consisting of cancerogenic pitches and provoking the strengthened formation of a scale.

In - the second, from - for high temperature of a tobacco smoke normal blood supply of gums is broken that as a result leads to a sklerozirovaniye of vessels, to an usykhaniye and decreased (recession) of tissues of gum, stripping of necks of teeth. In some cases there is an inflammation of gums, begins gingivit, passing further if not to take a measure, in a periodontal disease.

In - the third if in due time not to brush teeth, not to eliminate “the smoker`s raid“ and not to treat diseases of gums, then over time of fabric of a parodont weaken so that teeth become mobile and just begin to drop out. Smoking only aggravates this process, nullifying all efforts on treatment of a periodontal disease. It is scientifically proved that by an old age the smoking people have twice less native teeth, than non-smoking.

In - the fourth, at any stomatologic intervention at smokers complications are possible . Especially it concerns removal, implantation of teeth, difficult surgeries in an oral cavity and rehabilitation of patients in the postoperative period. In other words - process of healing goes to oral cavities much more difficultly and more slowly.

In - the fifth, products of combustion of a tobacco smoke are carcinogens, and it is a direct way to cancer lips, language and a mucous membrane of an oral cavity. The main patients of oncological clinics are just fans of a tobacco smoke.

But all these councils and preventions often are just ignored by smokers or treat the category of minor. When we are young and full of strength, we think: “If something also occurs, then it will be not with me, or I at any time will be able to leave off smoking“ - and very much we trifle of an addiction. About it I can give an example from life when sold to the young man in a supermarket a pack of cigarettes with the inscription “Smoking Causes Impotence“. He quite seriously asked the cashier to change her for another, with the inscription “Smoking Leads to Lung Cancer“. It is not ridiculous, it is very sad. Though as you understand, a problem essence same, as well as contents of these packs of cigarettes.

In spite of the fact that the main consumer of cigarettes is our youth, the hope for improvement of a situation nevertheless is. Recently pleases that in many countries it is very fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle now, to play sports, to have healthy teeth, not to smoke a snow-white smile and !

I advise all smokers to try to throw this addiction. Or at least to make the first attempt on the way to this tough decision. How? I will cite as an example the personal life experience.

Your obedient servant, having got acquainted with cigarettes in fourteen years, at once and for a long time got to slave dependence on them. At that time I actively played sports, swam on three times a day and the volume of my lungs made about six and a half liters. In twenty years of active smoking it was reduced exactly twice. Only three liters of air - more evident just do not happen. Having got short wind and excess weight (and it was more than hundred twelve kilograms), I hardly maintained the slightest physical activity.

Attempts to leave off smoking at me was much, but all of them came to an end with failure - there was just not enough will power. The case helped. As they say, there would be no happiness and the misfortune helped. In January, 2004 I very seriously got sick with flu. During an illness it was simply impossible to smoke and then I thought: either now, or never. I have to leave off smoking once and for all! To support temporary physical impossibility to start up a smoke, I thought up to myself the key phrase (psychologists call it “anchor“): “If I light, then … (there will be something unpleasant)“. I will not provide exact words because this “anchor“ successfully works still. And everyone has to have, personal “anchor“.

Already there passed six years as I do not smoke. I managed to win against this long-term, almost narcotic, dependence on tobacco. Now I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, once a week I train in the pool, the volume of lungs was restored to five and a half liters and, contrary to myths, excess weight left. The most important that quality of life became much better, I can breathe a full breast and again I feel to young people.

It is necessary to remember all the time that our health is in our hands, and it is necessary only for us. Therefore to smoke further or to stop once and for all this addiction - solving to you and only to you.