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Modern “Volga“ - whether everything in it is perfect?

When conversation come about tuning of the car, usually understand optimization of a design of a car under the specific driver by modification of a design of the car and its characteristics as contents of this term. In Russia the content of tuning most often includes change of design of a body by installation of plastic additions, “kengurin“, spoilers and other additions. The organizations which are carrying out such modernization, enough. This way it is possible to ottyuningovat any car of the Soviet production. Much less often firms carry out more profound tuning including replacement of a mechanical transmission by the automatic transmission or even installation of more powerful engine up to forced.

Already “adjusted“ car presently - a big rarity. And in Russia tuning also carries out important function - brings designs of a standard mass production to perfection.

Especially actually this question costs in the relation concerning models of “Volga“ - 3102, 31029, 3110 …

the Installed electropackage, the audio system and a leather upholstery of salon unfortunately, all problems are not solved. Give below we will consider a little what can be made even for improvement of characteristics and parameters of these GASES models.

Carrying out complex completion of a suspension bracket and transmission. the Established shkvornevy suspension bracket at big speeds cannot provide to

safe driving. If in the direction of travel suddenly the seam or a hollow on the road gets under the wheels, Volga very long “recovers“. Begins to throw it on all strip, and on attempt to change a movement trajectory the dangerous list of the car, small “thoughtfulness“ and only then “obedience“ will be turn of a wheel the answer first of all.

the Solution of this question can be provided by carrying out replacement of a suspension bracket on new spring with it is longitudinal the installed levers and the stabilizer. Installation of draft of Panar and the back bridge from VOLVO 740 finishes modernization in this area. At the same time it is very important to apply the exact, thought-over approach with an exact dosage, the minimum intervention in change of power properties of a framework of a body of the car. This alteration provides distribution of uniform loads from a suspension bracket of a body, similar to the principle of installation of a spring suspension bracket.

As for a forward suspension bracket, it is possible to strengthen springs here and to install the stabilizer of cross stability more powerfully. Replacement of a mechanical transmission on automatic the AW03 models - 71L “Aisin - Warner“ demands carrying out laborious engineering calculations as car lump increases from the Japanese firm too. In general, the ZMZ engine - 406 is very well combined with four quite long transfers of Japanese “automatic machine“. Further AKP via import driveshafts connects to the back bridge. The carried-out calculations of experts showed that here it is simpler to make an intermediate support for the driveshaft, than to be engaged in adjustment and balancing of domestic shaft.

On the car are established disk brakes from ATE firm on both axes. The main brake cylinder has the built-in regulator of pressure. Disks are also replaced with the import, excluding unpleasant cases of their buckling and an overheat.

If to glance under a cowl then “Volga“ has no big changes. Other air filter, the power steering pump too new is installed. What does it give?

Absence of feeling of stay in the “domestic“ car. Sudden “pecks“ when braking disappeared and “pressing to the earth“ at the speed set moments. Sharp reduction of lists when performing turns at solid speeds. The car became steadier, gives to confidence to the driver on any modes, maneuvers and on any road. As all listed innovations were carried out not by a handicraft method, and in the known “Car of MAMI Studio“, problems with bodies of traffic police are excluded as there is the corresponding certificate for the performed work.