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Motivation of personnel as basis of effective management.

- time of high-growth technologies and unusually high

level of informational content, attention of people which have really strong

desire to succeed in a business field are strenuously focused Presently on recognition

and receiving working the technician of business management.

Prepotent criterion in search of the vital information for normal

of the person (the person who wants to receive result in practice from

of use of the studied material) is quality of information, ease in assimilation and an opportunity to receive visible fruits from its application as

is possible quicker.

Society, and also one of its main segments - business - developed

consistently and measuredly until production did not rise on

a stream to satisfy escalating demand. And at this time on

business - a scene such innovative direction as “consulting“ appeared. Simply telling

- it is methods and technicians who the people knowing give arms to the people who are eager to

, but, unfortunately, not always knowing. So

information came to the advanced boundaries of business.

Consulting as independent branch, arose at the beginning of the twentieth

century when mass character of production began to eat literally time and efforts

of managers. This direction was formed and all got the

more optimized form up to the present.

And what we can allocate really now from so extensive


Here some concepts relating to consulting and optimization of the sphere

of management:

1. Motivation of personnel and its competence.

2. Strategic planning.

3. Structuring the company (Structure of the company), and also increase

of management efficiency in the organization.

I would like to consider these main points one after another in order that it is a little wider to

to reveal sense of these concepts.

1. Motivation of personnel.

The word the motivation comes from the word “motive“ - that the incentive

reason, an occasion to some action“ means “. Personnel you understand the word, so

that I will not give its definition here. Ask yourself a question - what moves

employees at my enterprise, or, if you not the director, then just wonder

- why I do this work every day and whether I want to do it to


It is valid what moves employees in your company? How the head

of the company or the head of department, or office tries “to motivate“

of the subordinates to more effective pastime in office

or any other room?

Looking at current situation in the average company it is possible to draw

a conclusion that the factor of the personal relations between the head and his

the subordinate plays a paramount role at approval of work of the employee

by the head. Really, who did not face such concept how

“ the chief`s favourite“? It pursues many people in different spheres

of activity. Seeing such situation, the normal person will ask himself to

a question: “Why I do as much how many my neighbor in office, and

does an award to it pay regularly, and to me quite often cut down?“. And, naturally, after

of some analysis of a situation he understands that this his neighbor sometimes of

drops in to the head to drink coffee and to chat about last football

match. It, so to speak, - has. And he decides that in order that to it

too to get an award every month, it has to do the same.

It is quite logical. Only it is logical for the subordinate, but not for the head.

the Subordinate will get eventually the rise to a salary, but the head

will get some more hours of idle time a job in a week. And, as a result, -

the falling production.

How to motivate the employees that they did not try to fawn with

the chief, and really tried to do the work and, in addition to

to it also to derive from it pleasure - here that “The motivation

of personnel“ means.

What way of motivation can be really effective?

Look at the production, at how business, on employees is run,

which are occupied with something. To what all this? Of course, to that work

was made, and the final product of office or several offices of the company

was transferred to the client. Here you please and the answer - can motivate employees with

only on the basis of their productivity. Compare how many the manager for this week in comparison with last made this

and if his production

grows also all - quite effectively, then do not miss a possibility of its

to praise. If to enter such principle at the enterprise, then productivity of its

will increase - it is precisely, and also at the head will become much more

of free time from ingratiations of the subordinates.

It is very simple.

It is the first principle of motivation “to express encouragement only to productive

to workers“. This rule pretty just for understanding. It can seem to

too simple because does not comprise any

delicacy and sophisticated terminology. But this very effective rule. And if

you try to adopt it in the sphere of activity, then

will not keep themselves waiting for positive results long. Of course, not

means that communication with employees has to be reduced to a cold pragmatism. the Human relations and adequate communication still nobody cancelled

, and it is

the main component of good health of members of your team. However not

should regard communication as of paramount importance and to use it as estimated

criterion for the subordinates or neighbors in office. You look at results.

is the main thing, development of business is that result at which you are aimed.

And let in your activity you will have more positive results.

In the following article I will try to consider the basic principles of other two

of the major factors relating to consulting.

of Progress!