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Top 7 Wedding flowers of

TOP 7 Wedding flowers.

Fragrant, charming, delicate and inspiring, fine flowers are an integral part of wedding ceremony practically of each couple. At such wide range of fresh flowers - it is very heavy to make a choice what flowers will be suitable for your Big day. To help you with the choice, here prospect of seven most popular wedding flowers.


It is natural, the quintessence of all wedding flowers - a rose will be the very first flower in our list. This elegant flower which is grown up practically everywhere thanks to its esthetic ocharovatelnost and dizzy aroma is available more than in hundred types and color options (and also in two-color scale). The ancient symbol of love and beauty, a rose serve as romantic inspiration for many poets, writers and actors of all times. Let they will also inspire and zadum your wedding.

Hydrangeas .

Delicate, in the form of big friable spherical inflorescences, hydrangeas are very popular and fine choice for wedding registration. Buds of flavourless flowers happen completely white, gently pink, in bright shades blue, violet or green. They are especially good choice for a wedding in the fresh air, for a thematic country wedding or a wedding in a garden. Hydrangeas symbolize pride and gratitude.


One only the thought of tulips raises a smile on my lips. Impudent, cheerful, classical - what else you expect from wedding flowers? Tulips happen as simply and elegantly white, and brightly painted or in one color, or the dazzling strips of different flowers. Options set. One more plus of tulips - they keep moisture a long time, thereby guaranteeing that the bouquet will stay till the dead of night after the end of a ceremony. And of course, tulips always symbolized ideal love - as it is ideal!


of the Calla symbolize the incredible beauty so suitable this fine flower. At weddings use several species of this ancient tubular flower: ivovidny, krupnotsvetochny and dlinnostebelny and also short, pass callas which can be found red, yellow, dark-violet and many other various shades. Naturally, callas of cream color are the most popular choice for this flower. Callas will be the fine choice for any festive action.

Peonies. So big

of flowers, attractive for eyes, it is, enough, to intercept breath at any! Peonies are well-known for the similarity with the outgrown roses, however with more magnificent, lavinopodny petals with hardly bent tips. These flowers coming from China embody romanticism and prosperity and are an omen of good luck and happy marriage. They also form a good basis for bouquets.

Orchids offer

of the Orchid the widest choice of which you could only think - they are the biggest family of plants on Earth, about more than 22000 known types and many which still open. Among a set of orchids, Tsimbidium the most popular. It has large flowers, he is faintly - green, white, yellow and pink color. Orchids - a symbol of rare beauty and refinement, they are the fine choice for a modern holiday with chic, with an exotic look which with guarantee will make impression.


It is one more flower which just makes people happy! Such bright and different gerberas are an ideal flower for the filled with fun, joyful event. (Whether you knew that they come from a sunflower sort?) The symbol of innocence and purity, a gerbera differ in forms and the sizes and a set of flowers, including white, yellow, orange, red and pink.

Article was prepared and translated from English. K. Polovink V. kontakions.