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But whether not to write and to me - about to eat?

So, we will begin though it is better for me to call the opus “Madman`s Notes“, but alas, it already was. I am already trampled down by legs on a threshold of the forty-fifth anniversary, here and decided to nakropat something, so to speak, to leave a mark in the world literature. I will begin from the very beginning - the childhood that I remember from it, and I remember much (that is surprising, after two strokes). I remember eternally drunk father, I remember the great-grandmother, I remember mother. The earliest reminiscence is a doll with plastic hair, remember, were such earlier. The father presented to me on a birthday for about 5 years or on 4. I sat under a table and played, my favourite place was under a table, and the father swore at mother sitting at it, but despite everything I was happy. We lived a big family in the wooden two-storeyed house, on the first floor lived: I, mother with the father and great-grandmother. On the second floor there lived two of my uncles and the grandmother. Our house stood in the suburb of the small provincial town, however, I and now there live, and the town this very much is pleasant to me. I remember, the great-grandmother cooked surprising green pelmeni in the summer, and I them with pleasure burst though even from meat picked out meat, and these adored. I even remember how approximately she cooked them: on a kitchen garden we gathered various, edible greens: an orach, a sorrel, fennel, parsley, generally that to eat, add some 1 - 2 more egg and the stuffing is ready. Further from the ordinary dumplings test cooked pelmeni and with a smetanka they went for lovely soul. Still I very much liked pelmeni from a radish: you rub a radish (it is desirable black), you add 1 - 2 eggs and melkoporezanny onions and forward, too it is very tasty. Somehow in the summer to me very strongly got from the father. In front of our house there passed the road, and behind it a public garden apple-tree and I often ran there to eat apples (a dichok - small - small). And so, we lived not very richly and likely all at that time so lived. I had house-shoes, and to dress and constantly there was no wish and I wore them as slaps and they replacing constantly spadyval. Well there is also somehow a father in the evening from work, and I steal a march and slippers in the middle of the road from me I spadyvat I run across and under the very nose at the car I turn behind a slipper, only by miracle that I was not hit by the car. But miracles happens from the car, so from the father got on the first. I about it told smoothly to pass from pelmeni to a dessert. As I already mentioned, through the road we had an apple-tree square, people from all settlement sat down its, there still was a lot of hawthorn, a dogrose, wild strawberry. You represent how it was healthy in the spring, then, there unfortunately, this square was demolished and built faceless five-storey buildings though people too somewhere should live - life, well. … I distracted, means we with the uncle again, he at me the cook, till fall collected these apples washed out, slightly scalded also on jars, we will fill up with a sakharochok also in a cellar, and will open in the winter - a vkusnotishcha, well cheap but good. Still I remember New year, you wake up in the morning, and smells of a fir-tree and it is so good. Now there is no such feeling - sadly. In general, I most of all regret that, maturing, we lose these feelings - a smell of New year, the first thawed patch, a smell of baked potato in the fall, the first snow and in general a lot of things. When I studied at school, all around me wanted to grow up somewhat quicker, and I did not want. I for some reason as quarrystone - that knew that in adulthood there are so much problems and in general, I do not remember which of great told: that we will be a child only in the childhood, and all other life we will live adults. Yes, though I had also rather heavy childhood, but much I would give that though for a couple of hours to return there. I was as the little old woman who lived the life, I knew that in adulthood there are a lot of problems. But, alas, you will not stop flight of time, and from the childhood I slowly crossed in youth. First love, tears, first kiss … To tell honestly I when I the first time kissed, thought that I will become pregnant. Well present youth, and at school teach them and give lectures also books much about sex, we did not have all this - all learned on the street, parents told nothing. Well I had a grandmother with the uncle good, I with them lived with the 7th class as parents drank, they explained all small malsk to me. I remember we in the 7th class had a lecture about venereal diseases, to us even the movie was shown on a diascope, someone probably remembers what is it. Then we asked: and how we can catch, so the lektorsha of the director caused, I still do not understand if we know about an illness then and how to catch we have to know too. There is such time, was, I remember, we in the city had a cinema “the Signor - Robinzon“ from 16 years to get on it (to me there were 15) we made up colored pencils, the cosmetics that was not, waited for the last call, put to the controller the ticket and run to the hall. Now I watch this film and I cannot understand what in it forbidden was only “ding - ding“. And here I distract again, all right, I pass the first love, a wedding etc … At me appeared two wonderful children, almost one after another. When 3 - 4 year was it, I could not accustom them to eat a liver, and she very useful, and besides the grandmother, light it memory, prompted me one retseptik: you Take

a liver quantity, I in principle took everything by eye, small crush or pass on the meat grinder, grate several potatoes, add onions, salt, it is possible spices, and extinguish vegetable oil to readiness on a frying pan under a cover. They at me even fought - to whom will get more. Then I gave birth to one more daughter. Seniors grew up also already slowly prepared something, and here with younger there was a problem - wanted to eat nothing. Meat for it in general was as - be - that poison. Chicken helped out - I just cut pieces, cut a lot of onions - largely that then it was possible to clean, added water and vegetable oil and extinguished. Chicken turned out as in own juice - here so we got used to meat. Now to it already 12 and we a little bit cook. The oldest daughter likes to cook potatoes baked with forcemeat and cheese, by the way she has very economical recipe: it is thin to cut potatoes on the baking sheet oiled. then forcemeat (cheap in packs or “Vyruchayevo“) then again potatoes, all this is respectively salted and peppered, then it strews it with polished processed cheese and in an oven to readiness. The son at me the specialist on - chicken with various sauces in a foil likes to bake or in pots. Its most favourite dish very simple - chicken, onions., spices, there is a lot of sour cream and in a pot in an oven. And I like to cook salads - here one of my darlings - crabsticks, tinned pineapples, fresh cucumbers, corn and mayonnaise. The father, unfortunately, knows how to cook only fried eggs though he has many options too, for example fat, melkoporezanny, bread small pieces, tomatoes, onions and everything is filled in with eggs. Well, that`s all what I wanted to tell you. Well it is time to go to prepare, and my cave men want to eat that and the living creatures begin to peep - guinea pigs and a hamster - the sweet tooth moreover small fishes.