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How to buy footwear and not to go crazy?

- Girls are divided into two big groups, - my teacher said once long ago literatures. - One girls twist the head all the time, and others develop it. The second way is more difficult, but in life it is much more reliable.

Well about the last phrase it is possible to argue and. To twist whether you know, too not so - that is simple. Especially qualitatively to twist - that to the person went and kept. It is the whole science which is served by the whole industry. And to not everyone it is allowed “to twist“. Someone all night long sleeps “on hair curlers“, next morning gets up with a small ram on the head, by the evening has on the place of a hairdress an unkempt lap dog, despite mousses, sprays, skins and varnishes. Here too, strangely enough, besides external data, the talent is necessary.

But in general about two groups of girls the old woman was right. The clever aunt was, by the way. Personally learned me not bad though in process, it is remembered, grumbled and grumbled greatly. Nevertheless, in the subject in the certificate gave the excellent though it already another story altogether.

Honestly, girls of all age are divided into two groups.

One which “twist“ are such girls - girls. Such to blondes, irrespective of a hair color. They usually, except carefully laid hairdress, at the anamnesis have pizzot names of decorative cosmetics, couples twenty bras, without account of dresses, it is more than ten bags and according to shoes, a huge box of coquettish shorts with laces of different forms and styles and pieces twenty multi-colored cervical kerchiefs to different suits.

In general, they adore one-time - sirenevo - tonenko - lacy. Curled girls will never go outside without make-up, seriously are upset from - for the broken nail, and having caught sight of an arrow on a leg, urgently look for a toilet to change clothes of tights, spare couple of which always have at themselves. They fragile and distinguished by sight, at their presence of the man priosanivatsya, and some ladies begin to smile insincerely.

Well at least, me from outside it seems so. As it there at these “curled“ girls from within, I do not know because I carry myself to the second group.

Girls who, according to my teacher, “the head develop - it is not obligatory people of science and even encyclopedically educated persons at all. Just to them absolutely all the same as they look. They have some other hang-up - sport, for example. Or child. Or cutting out by a fret saw. They carry what is practical and it is convenient, nails cut in process of a podrastaniye, once a week in a bathroom - and standing and on hands at once, gather on anywhere - soldier`s quickly, both in a feast and to the world leave in the same sneakers and with one huge bag made of cloth - a backpack like “holdall“ in which there is a set castaway - from the laptop to sausage sandwich. Being thrown out on the desert island with the bag, they will not be gone. They the in a board, with them easily and simply. Men easily admit them to the company, and their mothers only sadly sigh and any more advise nothing...

Girls of the second group are at first sight very unpretentious in the choice of clothes and footwear. They have, as a rule, one pair of sandals on a heat, pair of sneakers and pair of boots for the winter. Well can, still what - a thread simple black shoes on an exit. Which besides - both to jeans, and to a jacket, and to a sundress will approach everything. All clothes will be served, generally. Well, for every season - one pair of shoes, because - why the person has more-? Legs - that only two, and at the same time it is more than one couple not to put on in any way. Why to bother?

From time to time all girls hodyatpo to shops. The first - as for a holiday and it is frequent, the second - as on penal servitude and when absolutely secures.

And here, apparently, with what category of girls it is more difficult for sellers? You think, with twisted which understand firms and brands, models and fashion, the sizes and coloring and can consult as required the seller what here to what and with what it will be better? By no means.

There is nothing worse for the “developed“ girl - to come as on execution, on purpose “to drop in - to buy sandals and to be in time (on a symposium, lecture, in school for the child...) “, and to go mad in shopping center from the number of shops, little shops and boutiques.

The girl accurately knows that it is necessary to her. Simple sandals for every day. That both with jeans, and with a light sundress, and with a dark classical skirt, and with a blue backpack looked normally. Well, some such average color, you understand. At the same time stylishly and not strikingly, because all this is footwear to which, whatever one may do, all pay attention. With the closed sock and a heel because our girl, it is terrible to utter, can leave the house and without pedicure.

Besides it has a carriage with the child which she on ladders got used to hold-legged and to have bruises under nails it, despite all the unpretentiousness, does not want. Besides the girl intends in this pair of shoes and in a sandbox with the child to sit, and on the dacha to go, and as required on an exit to them, aha. Having wiped with a damp rag after work at the dacha. Well and as all, of course, want to buy sandals at the price of sandals, namely a sole and several leather thongs. And at all not at the price of second-hand Zhigi.

You already understood, aha. The blonde has the whole case of different sandals, and she changes the shoes as required. Two - three times a day. To submit garbage in one, for work in others, to walk with the child in the third, at cinema with the husband in the fourth.

But our heroine not such is. It is too difficult for it. She plans to put shoes on in the middle of May and... to change the shoes in the middle of October. Having got autumn pair of boots.

And here the girl rushes about, trying to connect unjoinable and to embrace immensity. So to speak, to put a horse and a timid fallow deer to one cart. To take the closed shoes or flats? But the hot summer is necessary. Open sneakers? But it has skirts and sundresses. Color will suit it only white. Well or some another, but that - both to black, and to blue, and to yellow approached everything. She precisely too does not know the size, two years ago the previous sandals were taken, apparently, by 38... or 39? Well generally, about 38 - 39, and maybe 40.

Sellers in soap rush to and fro, and our heroine only becomes more and more gloomy... No, if here Ivan Ivanycha to add several portliness of Ivan Nikiforovich to a nose, at these white sandals to clean a mad heel, and to put a shape of a nose to those such as at green, and to add a little stylishness to all this here that, brown, on a stopper - the girl right there would make a choice, aha.

- Well fir-trees - sticks, and, - our heroine argues. - Went to shop with a definite purpose. Speak - abundance, the choice, capitalism... What here abundance, simple shoes for the summer in the afternoon with fire you will not find. You will become the shopaholic here if to find one more - less decently looking thing, it is necessary to comb seven shops from an entrance to a utility room, and not the fact that you will find that you want... Is not present, shopping is a work which not all in power...

No, the girl, of course, understands the prime cause, not the silly woman, tea, not for nothing on the advice of the old school teacher for years developed the head. Any problem rests against a certain sum. It is necessary to take this sum, to go to shop and to take at least five different pairs of shoes - for the different purposes. Also there will be “happiness“.

But as, as they say, to twist the head is not it, it was not moved whether you see. Besides - well this certain sum is absent now. The sum is on one pair of shoes. Which, in sense in couple, should shut a mouth to all normal girly requirements.

Did not live beautifully, not we will and begin. At least, during the world financial crisis. Perhaps sometime then. In future life. When I am a cat, I will be a girl with ringlets.

... You will not believe, but I all - found sandals after the long exhausting shopping. Though it was oh as it is difficult. In view of all above...