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What it is necessary to tell to the man to benefit at most by intimate relations?

One my friend claims that she so strongly loves herself that even to itself does not admit the husband. And derives pleasure from self-satisfaction. Probably, he is not able to love it as well as she. And I personally consider that if the person of very much loves, so he is capable to love himself somehow. And anyone. Though stool, at least two men at the same time. Though animal some. But it is already extremes, like zoophilia we will not reach obvious perversions, and about sex we will chat. I hope not to assimilate to Anfisa Chekhova.

We will take extremely primitive option - you and the man. The man in this case - a necessary minimum for sex. And a great luck if it not at least in literal sense of this word because to a bike about “The size is not the main thing“ let unambiguously men with an insufficient size of the member. Otherwise why still in general the size of our breast interests someone? The size is not the main thing!

Just today two girls with a size of a breast No. 5 and No. 6 appeared in the Intuition broadcast. It was required to guess who has what size. And any man, notice which parameters should be estimated on appearance. The humorist Irka from the Lethal League broadcast cynically defined this inequality: “To you, men, it is visible at once what breast at us, and us, women, always waits for a surprise!“.

For the men deprived in this plan I and the term thought up: “́àëîïèñ“. And so - to put an end to malopisa early, they still can be adapted for anal sex. We put an end to those unfortunate men who, without having though some sizes inspiring respect, try to represent from themselves sexual giants, puff, sweat and roll out legs, and you at the same time feel as though the hamster tries to fall in love with you - a lot of vanity and vorkotn, result zero. At the same time the man feels the good fellow and often does not hesitate to ask whether well to you was.

The silly fellow, it would be good - all street would hear! So we will not find for similar beings time, them, fortunately, not really meets much. Let`s talk about men who are in contact with reality and soberly estimate the opportunities.

Those, though a rarity, but meet. Now we will be defined that we with this man want to do on life - to marry him, to swing money, madly and meekly or cruelly to have a good time, like to torment him. Because from that, how exactly you decided to use this man, also yours depends with him the first sex.

Agree, silly to count to marry the person to whom you on the first horizontal appointment whisper: “And give your friend next time we will invite to us in a bed?“. Just because with the previous lover you had so quite often a good time.

And how to swing money from the handsome with the big jeep and a purse, but doubtful (because of abuse of alcohol and life in general) a potentiality if during the first sex you bryaknut: “Nothing, darling, happens to all, next time at you it will turn out“! Here at once two mistakes: it will not turn out at it next time, it will not replace the way of life and style of food. It you should adapt to its fancy (because of problems of intimate character) to rituals in beds and an orgasm to receive independently. It is desirable at home. Really, at the man and with the orgasm of wons what problems, to it what, also to be loaded by yours?

And the second: if called him darling - everything, from now on and forever you with it will have a free because you love it, what here money sex? Years will leave on drumming to it that sex - at you with it, naturally, on love, but to eat and put on too hunting. To mutter also silly to the cheerful relaxed boy: “How we will call children?“. Will run away at once. Well and with whom you will try group sex? And it for certain has nice friends.

When you were defined who at you for what and why, I make bold to advise to follow several simple rules to achieve the desirable objectives and not to spend for many years for reorientation of the elect. So...

The man planned as future husband at you - the second . This baize is old as the world and arranges all. In baggage it is necessary to have the rehearsed story about that, the first which image, most likely, will be a motley crew from real twenty previous lucky. “The story about my first man“ has to be filled with grief and eroticism, to leave impression at the listener that you the girl decent and almost pure.

The man planned as the sponsor , has to realize that you are an orphan, eternally hungry, socks at you one and further children`s home giving you in life did not leave. To reach to it on a meeting you have no money for the bus, to come - footwear. To tell him that it at you the thirty third, not necessarily. But where - the same you had to learn this trick in a bed? Means, the tenth. It is not necessary to give all the best at full scale for the first time too - what you in a year will excite its interest? Here it is necessary to work as Shakherezade - on half-fairy tales every night.

The man for sex - to it should report at once what occurs. And that nonsenses like rivalry with the husband (if you have him) or attempts to solve at your expense at least part of his financial problems will begin. Too should not bring you towards expectation of flowers or undesirable pregnancy. Was called a milk mushroom, so to speak, enjoy. These are the most free and interesting relations. On condition of obligatory use of condoms.

If you feel need to cruelly torment the man or cruelly to be it tormented - do not spend time for nothing, play equestrian sport better. Hour of riding on feelings is comparable with an hour of hard sex with two men. And moral satisfaction from taming of such large and strong animal (I mean a horse, certainly) it is comparable with good scandal. Now I understand why the pan-night went by Hom Bruta. Everything together on couple of days settles on your face the wandering smile and the world - in your soul.

In general I consider that ways of love to yourself - weight, and sex - one of the most remarkable provided that to treat him you quite so and you will be - as to a fine opportunity to report to the body as you strongly appreciate it and indulge.