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Singer Building: Who began world race of skyscrapers?

the Beginning of the 20th century were marked by emergence of modern and progressive construction technologies which allowed to build buildings of height unprecedented until then and the sizes.

Important if not paramount, as circumstances of emergence of an opportunity to build skyscrapers emergence of elevators - elevators and high cost of the land plots served in the centers of business life of the world.

From this point buildings could become higher and higher. It was a push to start a peculiar competition in New - York, and subsequently and around the world, among the companies for which own skyscraper became a symbol of success and prosperity in business.

The producer of the sewing machines Singer - the corporation founded in the 19th century by the famous inventor and the sewing magnate Isaak Merritt Zinger the first entered this secret marathon “riches and vanities“. On the project of Ernest Flagga which, it should be noted very was negative to skyscrapers, the company of sewing machines of Zinger decided to construct on the island Manhattan own a staff - the apartment.

Here that is written about alleged construction of a new skyscraper 181 meter high by the newspaper of “The New York Times“ on the front page of number for February 22, 1906 “On the Broadway will be published the highest building in New in article - York. The tower of the Singer company will become above all other buildings on 200 feet“ :

“Yesterday the company - producer of Singer submitted the construction plans of the building which will be 200 - 300 feet highest than the existing skyscrapers. Approximately on 40 feet it will rise above a monument to Washington.

Due to the expansion of the possession the company solved together with construction of the building on North - the western corner of the Broadway and Liberti - build the street in the central part of already existing building a tower to 40 floors, 593 feet high 10 2 / 3 inch.

The building contains 36 floors over which the arch consisting of 4 additional floors and then a dome will rise and - as though it is not enough - a flagstaff. Facades of a tower are planned to be executed from a decorative brick and limestone with 4 rows of windows from each party. The total area of floors will exceed 150 000 square feet, in the building 4 elevators will be placed.

On all estimated area of a tower trial drillings were carried out and it is revealed that it is easy to lay the foundation on especially strong rocky breeds which will sustain such improbable weight. They say that all engineering issues which arose during construction were resolved.

Except for the Eiffel Tower, the building of Singer will become the highest in the world - 60 feet higher than the building of City Holl in Philadelphia, Park Rock Building or buildings of Times Building is 200 feet higher and is 100 feet higher than any well-known spike of Europe, except the Cologne cathedral which height - 512 feet“. Construction of the new building of Singer for 20 months drew with

attention of general public. The people getting on the Broadway killed themselves, staring at a graceful design which rose up on 612 feet.

In 1908 the skyscraper was constructed also a title of the highest building New - York passed to The Singer Building. On the appearance it reminded the lonely watchtower consisting of 47 floors. From a subfoundation to a flagstaff top building height as a result made 674 feet.

Singer Building left far behind itself and if to speak more precisely, then deeply below, not only all existing skyscrapers, but also in general all constructions of that time, except for the Eiffel Tower. Still nobody built it!

But the elaborate tower of Singer Building which once was considered as one of the best jewelry of the Broadway in New - York remained only in drawings and photos.

At the end of 1960 - x years the magnificent building was demolished to make room for construction of a skyscraper for the US Steel company. But, despite it, The Singer Building continues to hold a palm among skyscrapers on one of indicators. Still zingerovsky tower is considered the highest building in the history destroyed quite legally and peacefully.

New Yorkers were distressed concerning destruction of historical sight of the island Manhattan for a long time. And subsequently, to avoid such mistakes in the future, even adopted the resolution that the special commission has to deal with an issue of demolition of historical buildings.

The extravagant The Singer Building constructed in 1908 not for long remained the king of a nu - the York sky. A staff - the apartment of the Singer company was the highest building New - York and the world only one year. Soon this title took away other skyscraper built in absolutely other style from him - Metropolitan Life. Race of skyscrapers began …