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Medicine - care of ours health or the state business?

Decided the Government of the Russian Federation to undertake seriously fight against excessive mortality and in general diseases. Also chose directly - a burning topic - cancer. That is decided to struggle with oncological diseases cardinally. Somehow and did not pay attention that it is not the leading cause of death. The main thing that developments can be sold then favourably. Also there is a question: so it is care about health of the population or nevertheless business - the project?

Actually the leading causes of death at us are warmly - vascular diseases and the external reasons. My peers aged from 35 till 45 years literally fall from sharp transient heart attacks. Few years ago for me began tremendous opening to learn that in Russia the heart attack - is a heart attack. Any causeless - yesterday still it was not, and today took and arose from nowhere.

At the same time in the States at diagnostics the reason of developing of similar heart attacks is quite often established: the sharp vitamin deficiency of group B which led to an instant lethal outcome. When learned - knocked down me And all? Costs to us, stray, by means of social advertizing and single stands in policlinics at offices of fluorography to explain that to what - and male mortality among the population of middle age will sharply decrease. Latest news: the use of calcium reduces male mortality and prolongs life term till 10 years. And again it is simpler than the soared turnip

And at the same time all news lines of medicine are chucked in with articles on cancer 85%. Correctly, Lords colleagues, the agiotage, such that all shivered with fear is necessary, and then money will begin to flow the river. But we nearly the biggest density of doctors in the world have at 1000 people, and at everything at the same time an incidence one of the most serious. And quantity of chronic diseases, in fact undertreated, ultraboundary. At twice smaller number of doctors on 1000 people in Japan the incidence, mortality is much lower, and life expectancy is much bigger.

External factors are the reason of high mortality in Russia: suicides, food and alcoholic poisonings, operational injuries - it is consecutive. With suicides fight at us only at the expense of public measures - coaching. And if all others stood apart, perhaps, level would not be so high. But the last achievement is volley jump of suicides from - for toughenings of requirements for USE. Kids psychologically do not maintain tension and climb in a loop, - in days of the announcement of results there is an increase in level of suicides among them almost three times.

About poisonings with foodstuff and alcohol-containing production it is possible not to write at all. There are one dots. Nobody even moved an ear for the reason that New Year`s vacation claimed nearly 300 000 lives.

There are both opportunities, and resources quickly if not at once to cope with a situation then essentially to correct. But, apparently, again with a fly swatter on an elephant Demographic forecasts are unfavourable

- now as if : birth rate managed to be lifted at the expense of enough the gender and age group which is given rise at the beginning of reorganization. But in the next 10 - 15 years everything will be in hands of those who were born in 90 - x. And not and there is a lot of them. Besides they are pragmatists with career and material ambitions - it will be grieves them to spend time for the birth of children and care of them.

The most optimistical forecast inclines that till 2025 Russia will lose not less than 13 million people provided that the level of medical care will be equal average world, even not Central European. At such loss of a manpower anyway it is necessary to increase a retirement age and to intensify production loadings.

Here so nakidat question marks, and nevertheless I do not rank as pessimists of... And therefore I do not want to finish on such note, but again I will ask.

Perhaps, to throw a call and to construct on folk remedies Church on Blood of St. Panteleymon where - nibud on the high mountain? And to give it not just a bell, and nabatny - and let he cries until ourselves and those whom we choose over ourselves we will not improve situation. And let cries about those who early and at the wrong time left, about those whom we dullly lost, about those who were not born.

I should not rank myself as Orthodox Christians, but there is a wish to make something