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Why only 5% of people achieve success in business?

often ask Me a question: “Why so few people remain in business?“

Yes, many try to be engaged in MLM, but quickly throw the majority, and

with full confidence that they were deceived there that a scam etc. of

to It there is a simple explanation.

For descriptive reasons I will give such example.

Let`s say you want to build the house.

In general this process looks so:

First of all you will draw it in the imagination.

Then needs to make the project. There are two ways: you learn to do it or order from the expert.

But here the project is ready. It is necessary to lay the foundation, and as you understand, the more

the conceived house, the more thoroughly has to be the base.

Is very labor-intensive and material-intensive process.

Then while the base is defended, it is possible to be engaged in communications.

What is the time, money and forces it is spent, and work fruits it is still not visible.

But you have before eyes a project, and you know what at you has to turn out.

I it gives you force!

And here, at last, you begin to put up walls. Now work goes quickly, and you see every day that your house grows in the eyes. And it adds enthusiasm.

I already roof, finishing and other trifles.

I your house is ready.

Creation of business is similar to creation of the house, there are same stages:

Dream which you are going to realize.

The plan of achievement of the purpose is a same project.

The base - huge layer of work on: preparation of the inner world for new life, self-development, studying of bases of business, the practice which is not bringing material benefits, but giving invaluable experience and skills, creation of as leader in a certain area.

B the period many efforts are made, a lot of money, time is spent, and results it is almost not visible.

But to begin business without similar preparation, all the same, that to build the house without the base.

It will very quickly collapse.

And many at this stage also leave business.

Because they have no project, do not represent at what stage of construction they are.

Further by analogy - communication, it as you guessed, advertizing and communication, creation of the brand.

And here construction of walls is a creation of team.

I the more thoroughly your base, the is stronger and more successful your team.

The rooftop - your general result which depends both on you, and on each person

in your team.

So all - to do, specifically? - you will ask.

To work!

On the Internet a set of techniques, trainings, books - choose any which is closer to you on mentality and character.


Any technique begins to work, only if to apply it regularly, but not so far you read the book or participate in training.

Besides, it it is necessary to pass through itself, to bring something special, individual.

In a word before realizing the project under the name “My Dream“, realize the project under the name “I - Such What I Want to Become“.

Change the thinking, the installations, the habits, increase the value.

Become the leader in yourself! Create the brand!

Only do not imitate successful people, do not copy them, do not play a role of the successful person.

All stories of success are written in order that you knew that it is possible.

Reflect what you can offer people that followed you? Find

the counter, the direction, it at which you will not need to play a role.

It will be your natural state.

Creation of is a creative process. There are no ready recipes.

Everyone writes the history of success!

Just do it!