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Than day is remarkable on May 16? Orthodox and national calendars of

Day goes behind day, we live, sometimes without reflecting that it represents for what events and a personnel it is dated. And if to reflect? For example, today`s date …

Martyrs Timofey and Mavra

Orthodoxy pays on May 16 a tribute to the memory of martyrs of Timofey and Mavre - to the spouses who lived in marriage of only 20 days. Newlyweds underwent terrible tortures and were crucified. Business happened at the end of the 3rd century AD

Timofey, the Egyptian Fivaida`s native, served as the church reader, was a keeper and the copyist of prayer books. It fell a victim of a denunciation (to what this form of immorality - a denunciation is hardy!) . Accused of storage of Christian books, he refused to give them though the order was given it by the governor Arian, and underwent cruel tortures.

It dread to think: to the person stuck the heated iron spokes into ears, why, on Life, “at the sufferer eyes flowed out and he went blind“, then hung up headfirst, having shut a mouth a wooden gag and having made heavier a neck a cobble-stone. Having executed the sentence imposed by Arian, torturers were terrified by a type of deeds and tried to ask at the governor of eases for unfortunate.

However someone was ahead of them with news that Timofey has a young spouse Mavra, and behind her right there sent. At Mavra`s request it was exempted from a gag, and the martyr “convinced the wife not to be afraid of tortures and to go together with it on a feat“. That answered that she is ready to die together with the husband and made a public confession that she is a Christian.

By order of Ariana to the poor thing pulled out hair and chopped off fingers on hands. According to Life, during tortures there was a miracle: the woman thrown into boiled water remained live. After all tortures martyrs were crucified, within 9 days they hung on the crosses put one opposite to another and died only on the tenth.

That to Ariana, so he adopted Christianity subsequently and became the martyr of belief, and terminated life drowned in the sea in a bag with sand.

of Moor Rassadnits, Moor Molochnits, Mavra Green Russian cabbage soup

the National calendar pays special attention to Mavra, calling it both Rassadnitsey, and the Milkwoman, and Green Russian cabbage soup.

Rassadnits - because this day cabbage seedling was transferred to a bed on which edge put a clay pot, and under it put the nettle stalk uprooted. Was considered that from it vegetable will better be accepted in the earth and will better grow.

Besides, sentenced: “There is no golenyast, and be a puzasta, be not empty, and be hard, be not red, and be tasty, be not old, and be young, be not small, and be great“. Women during change did not need to eat bread that hens did not peck sprouts. It is curious that on May 18 - Irina (Arina) Rassadnitsa is characterized by just the same actions.

The milkwoman May Mavra was nicknamed because from this day yields of milk began to arrive, and milk till the end of month gained especially nutritious properties. On a country table on Mavra the first milk porridge was served.

Green Russian cabbage soup is a one more poimenovaniye on May 16 in a national calendar. As a rule, information on its value confines to the phrase: “From a young nettle and a sorrel cook vitamin empty Russian cabbage soup“. As for the gastronomic party of a question, it is valid, to the middle of May when sauerkraut stocks in economy were on an outcome, Russian cabbage soup began to cook from a sorrel, a goutweed, nettles (that “it is burning will be born and in Russian cabbage soup it is good“).

But an essence of “Green Russian cabbage soup“ all - that a nettle this day - “birthday woman“. It needed to be torn not just like that (though and to the same Russian cabbage soup), and barehanded, to whip itself it - for health, to do infusion which “everyone black cannot from a body expels, restores forces man`s, stops internal bleeding“. Besides, the nettle collected on May 16 was carefully stored as a charm in the house all year, to the following “Green Russian cabbage soup“.

It is curious that all called Mavra`s forms are comparable to functions of the goddess Makosha who had 12 holidays in a year, and May contacted a celebration of the reviving life and laying of fertile forces.

* * *
Time goes, and even runs or even flies, - so passes month after month, year after year. Than and what it was for our ancestors, it is possible to learn, including, addressing calendars in which nearly an every day for something it is dated. Date on May 16 - evident to that an example.