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How the mortgage can affect sexual life of spouses? Erotiko - the bank saga

- Well, and what you to me with the stickings climb? - several from herself Alice Pechkina with irritation pushed away the spouse.

- As it what I climb?! - Yury Pechkin was taken aback. - I Climb not somehow, and with the man`s duties!

of the Spouse reclined on wide, with thingies, a double bed in the new two-room apartment. Time promptly came by midnight, and the man felt exhausted after the difficult working day. Eyes stuck together, but the young and strong constitution demanded satisfaction of man`s desires.

- With man`s duties?! - maliciously the spouse, &ndash asked again; And you did not forget about other duties?

- I wish female caress, but not potatoes to peel! Nearly a night outside, and you about a routine plowed land repeat!

Because Alice three weeks ago, wiping dusty plafonds in a drawing room, “welled up“ from a step-ladder and cruelly broke a hand thumb, by a mutual consent Pechkin nobly undertook preparation for heat treatment of tubers.

- I not about potato, darling! You delayed payment on a mortgage! I was already called from bank on cellular! And you unless is not present?

- Yes! I was called too, - discontentedly the man muttered.

- And when you plan to bring this overdue contribution? - strictly Alice took an interest.

- Soon! And these? As them there! My man`s requirements? - strenuously clapping eyelashes not to fall asleep, Pechkin exhaled.

- Will be the receipt on payment, there will be also “connection“! So speak in the telephone company!

- Connection to what? - the man did not think.

- has nothing and to whom! To my body, a lapushka! To my body! You give the receipt - you receive sex. There is no receipt - there is no sex! - categorically Pechkina declared.

- And other sequence is possible? Sex at first, and only after - receipt? - with hope Yury looked at the wife. there is no

-! I cannot make love when police officers can rush into any the moment judicial and throw out us from our house! Or rather, it, it seems, as ours, and it seems and property of bank! To me it is so uncomfortable, you understand it?

Pechkin covered eyes and presented suddenly in the filling-up brain as they with the wife indulge in love joys, but certain dark figures rush into a bedroom, are enough it for a foot and pull out from - under blankets. In the buff, drag on a staircase, sentencing at the same time: “ Here would pay on a mortgage loan in time, would show the receipt form established by the law, would play tricks on a love field though on ten times in the course of the day! “

Pechkin shrank, shook the head.

- They cannot here then to appear suddenly - that! - he blurted out in a fit of temper.

- Who knows who knows! - philosophically the wife, &ndash exhaled; But all the same from feeling that can, me at heart of a cat scrape! Discomfort from understanding that we money have to someone! And you?

Yury already buried a face in a pillow and lowed something inarticulate in a dream. The woman sighed sadly and began to stare in a ceiling. She remembered how there is a lot of - many years ago when she was still a schoolgirl, the grief broke into their house. Then Alice`s mother told it that the father of the girl left very far and when arrives back - it is unknown. And only five years later, being already a senior pupil, she learned the truth. Alice`s father had a reputation inveterate gamblers in time, free from the main service. Lost on - to the large serious and influential official. This high-ranking person began to press on their family, threats followed. The requirement of payment of a debt became more and more sharp and rough. Real danger of punishment in a varying degree over the poor creature, and at the same time and his family loomed. Without seeing other exit, the father - the gambler who swore not to sit down any more at game decided on the collector`s robbery that brought a salary to the staff of their management. Here also the poor creature at an official position was registered. The unlucky robber put on a mask, took on business even not the real, but fake weapon and rushed on skilled a carrier of large sums. The collector was not impressed with a theatrical type of the attacker, and just shot down it from the real, cut weapon. When unmasked the robber, all with surprise recognized in the killed of the modest and silent little man, the employee of department of supply of the same enterprise. After death of the husband Alice`s mother had to rewrite the good two-room apartment in the downtown on the spouse of that official, and most with the little girl to move to a tiny room in a communal flat on the suburb. To the ridiculous death the father absolutely rejected similar option as option of disposal of a debt yoke. Exactly ever since Alice began to hate to feel like the debtor and even more narrowness of living conditions.

- So when you planned to make payment? - once again Pechkina at the husband took an interest.

the Answer to it became the silence broken with identical frequency an easy pokhrapyvaniye of the lawful spouse.

Weeks Yury plowed all as “father Carlo“. Due to the world economic crisis in small firm where Pechkin worked, the wave of reduction of personnel swept. The director brought together all employees, and delivered an inspired speech. The head of firm was not deprived of some eloquence and irony therefore it was tender with workers.

- My dear colleagues! No, not just colleagues, and great friends! We go five years with you shoulder to shoulder, supporting each other when falling and pushing forward at stops in our business. But there came the moment when the irresponsible policy western, and partly and domestic banks and financial institutions in the world market led to the fact that I should reduce personnel by a third. The list at me, friends, is ready. the Chief carried out

by a palm on the hair smoothed back. On a wide face it the grief imprinted. Began to read by a guttural late voice. Fortunately for himself, Pechkin did not hear the surname in the list.

Yury began to belong to service more strictly more furiously. Came to work before all, left office only when rooms finally became empty. Asked from the management everything new and new tasks. The head hooted from calculations and pasting in a uniform picture of analytical reports which the firm carried out for many third-party organizations. It even had unstable, but sensitive headaches, like “the neurasthenic`s helmet“. The ruddy face it suddenly began to get an earthy shade. Unclear short-term tremblings of the lower extremities began to happen. But, despite it the man kept the good fellow, he had accurately formulated need to pay a mortgage loan. And he placed money. Bank through the SMS - the notification Pechkinykh thanked for timeliness and discipline financially. Alice with pleasure allowed the husband to the body., It seems, the situation began to be arranged slowly, but in three months serious delays on payment of a salary began. In firm, on the chief`s explanations, from - for the arisen crisis of non-payments between clients there were serious financial difficulties.

Pechkin made love to the spouse who, having slightly shifted eyebrows, looked in a ceiling. Generally it was difficult to call this coition occupation by love. On the one hand, from the point of view of mechanics and respect for balance of gestures everything looked normally. Process went in a traditional key. But with another, emotional contact between spouses was not observed. The man puffed, the woman silently studied drawing on a stretch ceiling of a bedroom. Some thought obviously drilled her consciousness.

- SMS - came from bank, &ndash yesterday; routinely Alice broke silence. Yury

stopped gestures. On streets the holiday hooted on the first of May. At the man of thought unfestive flew. He guessed what message sent credit institution, but decided to try to pretend to be the ninny.

- On the international day of solidarity of workers congratulated, probably? - he crookedly grinned.

- Congratulated, wished success in this work. But it in the first part of the message. And in the second reminded that you delayed payment on a mortgage. You actually delayed it?

- At work financial difficulties in this regard damned financial crisis accursed! So our director speaks. But if to be honest, Lisonka, seems to me, as the twenty first as we got used, the money transfer to a card this time will not be. Fig position in firm. Nervous trembling all personnel beats!

- They can come and take away our “nest“ which is rendered habitable already! - sobbed after the spouse`s pause. - Will Vividly sell the apartment, will chuck out us on the suburb of the city in a communal flat, and all difference will take away repayment of a debt in the account! And I do not want in a communal flat! I do not want! Saw enough already these municipal delights for the short, in general, life!

- I too the darling of it do not want! But they have legitimate right to it. We signed the credit agreement. There a similar opportunity is registered.

Alice hemmed a nose. Exhaled not nervously even, and philosophically:

- Will come and shvark us to the street! Pechkin imagined

again how it is pulled out from a warm matrimonial bed and throw out on the street of naked. He all skin felt street cold, felt quizzical glances of passersby, heard bark of a stray dog that would like to bite it. With the arisen feeling of confusion, Yury came off a body of the wife and instinctively covered the causal place. About continuation of love joys there could not be also a speech.

- Why you consider that the twenty first to you will not be paid? - quite severely Alice took an interest.

- You know that the salary to us is listed on the cash card. And just recently I received the SMS - ku in which the bank apologized for possible delays with money transfers. And still added that they, that is bankers, very much hope for understanding from clients, that is us, and express confidence that through joint efforts all of us together will be able to overcome financial crisis. There are such pies!

- Yes! Our situation is aggravated! - thoughtfully looking in a dark window, the hostess of the house grumbled.

Situation really left much to be desired. Soon Yury had to get the second job, already night. As the watchman of parking he had some opportunity to pokemarit on a workplace, but some hours. It became easier to pay contributions for a mortgage, but intimate relations in a family Pechkinykh finally went wrong. Yes, Pechkin could show to Alice receipts on payment of mortgage contributions and, of course, would not be refused in proximity. Only this time, the desire was gone already at the man. Yury came home very late when the spouse already slept. Came, generally, it is too loudly told! Dokovylival to the apartment, heated a dinner which - as chewed food in a microwave, shuffled to a bed and instantly went off to a leaden sleep. Moreover, often changes on protection of others cars dropped out for the weekend. And if free day was successful, then Pechkin, like Ivan on the furnace from the Russian fairy tale, slept “like the dead“ days and the whole nights.

On the main service Pechkina cut off a salary though before financial crisis promised its substantial increase. Many colleagues of Yury were reduced so he quietly rejoiced to the fact that the place behind it was kept. And there was not enough money, despite service at two works, all the same.

- Perhaps, and I should come to work. Very much I want to pay a mortgage quicker! - with a grustinka in a voice Alice at one of the rare moments when spouses appeared together at a kitchen table offered.

Yury dreamed to throw off mortgage “collar“ from a neck too and therefore only knowingly nodded. Added only:

- Only as whom to you to go to work? You never worked anywhere. There is no experience. Education is unfinished, average.

- Well as it is not present experience! I perfectly am able to sweep garbage a whisk. Masterly I wipe floors. Gracefully I sweep away dust.

- That is, that is! - the spouse agreed.

- At us in a drugstore on the first floor, the cleaner is required. I will clean up here, in our house, and then to go down and sherstit already in a drugstore. And what? More and more money will be that a mortgage to pay!

in reply the man, having modified words of the famous song, sang:

“-Eh! Mortgage! Mortgage!

A I am small such!

Mortgage! Mortgage!

to Settle accounts with you!“

Alice worked as the cleaner in a drugstore, and then was active for one work. Too the cleaner, in office center. In working hours life in the building boiled, contracts were concluded, hundreds of phones continuously rang, the anxious managers scurried about to and fro, dragged odorous coffee of the secretary on trays. And at night everything faded here, and Alice began to clean traces of activity of these managers, secretaries, accountants and other office Luda. Now Alice and Yury in general almost did not see each other. It came home when the spouse already left the apartment and left for work. It was filled up in a matrimonial bed one as it already left to clean office center. Sexual life of spouses descended on “no“, but contributions for a mortgage were paid regularly.

There passed three years. To bank of the spouse of Pechkina still remained owe the considerable sum. But they did not despair, and worked, having clenched teeth. And there was a grief which turned back pleasure for them. In Birobidzhan in a road accident Alice`s uncle, the prominent local businessman died. However, during lifetime he attention did not indulge the niece, and they did not see each other twelve years. But, as it appeared, Alice became the only heir of an uncle`s state as that was never married and did not aspire to it, had no children. The uncle specified in the will made just in case that 70% of everything that he has, the brother, Alice`s father will inherit it. And the niece will receive the remained 30%.

When Alice received the share, right there left from both works, and first of all was declared in the bank which issued them with the husband a mortgage loan. She declared that she wishes to extinguish all debt ahead of schedule. After recalculation bank and the client came to concrete figure. And in a week, Alice completely paid off creditors and received the formal notice that it has no debts to bank that at a family Pechkinykh excellent credit history and that at desire Yury and Alice can expect to receive still the big loan line, on even more favorable conditions.

Dumping of a mortgage collar in a family Pechkinykh was celebrated widely. Week walked at themselves in the city, and begun with a dawn every day pleased spouses. And at night they indulged in mad passion so that the neighbors who weaned in recent years from noise in the apartment Pechkinykh decided that Alice and Yury from desire of bigger earnings opened at themselves in the house pornstudio. At first neighbors knocked on batteries, came to complain. And later just began to envy. Otgulyav in the native land seven days, looked younger, the couple in love Pechkinykh, took off to hot sand of the Caribbean Sea where against motley vegetation their intimate life blossomed new paints and boiled a storm of shades.