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Stockholm. What the come Log, interesting on the Island?

were Obtained by Yarl Birger on cheeks. Not ABBA from whom - from Alexander Yaroslavovich, the prince Novgorod. Alexander Yaroslavovich for a feat sow ranks the Nevsky received, and Yarl Birger lost two teeth. Also Birger solved: stop fighting, it is time to be engaged in business.

For example to build the city. Merchants prosponsirovat it, larded gold and expensive kamenye the log hollowed, soldered pitch and let a self-alloy: where it will be stuck, there and to the city to be. The illicit log moored to the island small, construction also began with this place.

And concerning the name Yarl especially did not bother, and christened a child the: Island of the Log. That is Stockholm: stock (Swede.) - a log, holm - the island. Despite the “wooden“ name, Stockholm was under construction of a stone at once and though the fires happened and here, but it (I apologize: in Swedish the island and, respectively, Stockholm - a feminine gender) never burned down completely as the other medieval cities. Therefore kept a set of buildings of XVIII, XVII and even the 15th centuries in an excellent state.

At such abundance of the Middle Ages in the modern city it is no wonder that Stockholm - one of the most “muzeeobilny“ cities of Europe: them here already about seventy, also appear new.

As, for example, museum of the ship “Vasa“ . This fighting ship in 1627 by order of the king Gustav II was constructed of a dynasty of Vaasa, and for that time was very terrible weapon. Probably, so terrible that was frightened of himself and sank at the first exit in the sea. You remember, Ilya Muromets lay on the furnace how the true athlete, 33 years? The athlete of the Swedish fleet lay at the bottom of exactly 333 years! Then it was lifted from the sea abyss, Yurgorden where around it and built the next museum by 1990 is brought to the island.

Opposite to the Knightly island where the log once stuck, props up the sky three crowns the building of a town hall . Here every year in the “blue“ hall of red color Nobel laureates gather for a banquet. Those who for some reason did not get a prestigious award can be consoled in excursion and here for a moderate payment order a lunch in strict accordance with the Nobel menu.

On the Floor space (Stortorget), among buildings is the 17th century, Alfred Nobel`s museum was located . But it is possible to become famous here not only the invention of dynamite: near the Floor space there is a street less than a meter wide , long time not having own name. The citizen of Stockholm Morten Trottsig of half-life spent for christening this narrow crack between houses on that simple basis that in it there are several windows and three doors. Probably, wore out the sticktoitiveness: appropriated to the small street a name of Morten Trottsiga. As they say, for what fought...

And, of course, one of the main sights of Stockholm - the royal palace . Hardly constructed, in May, 1697 the palace burned down completely. And the fire began in rooms of the fire captain who was responsible for fire safety: saved on fire extinguishers. The royal family of Karl XII who started at that time Great Northern war (not before repair), asked on a billeting to the baron Wrangel whose apartments were nearby, on the Knightly island: a pier, let to spend the night fire victims.

Also fifty two years spent the night at it while the palace with new wall-paper was pasted over - and you as thought, 550 rooms everything are! Part of numerous posterity of the baron, having been tired of neighbors in a communal flat, moved to Russia which was supported by the anti-Swedish coalition. Here to what the common kitchen can bring!

Rules Sweden nowadays, as well as in age-old times, the king. Though is not present, the parliament - riksdag governs, and the king just works as the king. By inheritance. Five-day week, two lawful days off plus holidays. Quite good work. The royal working day not normirovan, but they have a nenormirovannost - it is “made business - walk safely“, unlike ours: “made quickly - we will find, than still to borrow“. Comes to work to the Carl XVI Gustaf palace from a dynasty of Bernadot on a personal car, does not keep the driver.

Was not interested what salary at the king, but here deputies of riksdag do not get paid, is their social work. And apartments they are not given. There is a deputy hostel near the riksdag building - anything special, without vygibon and trick. Time in three weeks they gather for couple of days, solve affairs, laws if it is necessary, accept - and on houses. So you will not hide in the capital from the voter, near the voter it is necessary to live, on the same street and in the same apartment that to a deputatstvo occupied. Also try to tell: “electorate“, in a trice will answer - “itself such“, and a kick under the back!

Despite the monarchy, in the country democracy and even a little bit socialism: free medicine, education. Study and treated. But free cheese, as we know, only in a mousetrap: Swedes give not less than a third of the earnings to the state (at a minimum wage), and the progressive system of the taxation works. Therefore the main word of the country - lagom, is literally translated as “moderately“. It even not the word, but whole philosophy: nobody seeks to snatch a piece more fatly, than can eat. To put it briefly - do not lean out, be as all.

What else is known interesting of Stockholm and Sweden? This is the botanist Karl Linney, the astronomer Anders Tselsy, the chemist Alfred Nobel, the polar researcher Otto Nordensheld, the storyteller Astrid Lindgren, the director Ingmar Bergman, actors Greta Garbo and Dolph Lundgren famous for the whole world … It is Ikea, Electrolux, Volvo, ABBA … Invention of the telescope, dynamite and computer mouse … Swedish wall and buffet … It …, it …, to be continued … Follow

also you, misters, on the Island of the come Log. You will not regret!