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Brain or stomach - what it is more important for driving?

Summer - a time of distant automobile “transitions“. On the one hand, the summer road - if to mean a covering - is less dangerous, than in other season, but on intensity of the movement on it - attention it is required much more.

How many times repeated to the world that it is impossible to take the wheel not only in the slightest degree of intoxication, but also in strong nervousness - whether positive, whether negative. And I will undertake to claim still, as the condition of a stomach and intestines is very important for safety on the way too. That is all “mechanisms“ of both participants of the movement - the car and the driver - have to work exactly.

In preparation for a distant trip and on all transit there are a lot of efforts at “the second pilot“ - first of all on it responsibility for livelihood. Of course, now on routes there are a lot of repiecewise points, but it is necessary to try to use them on a minimum. Who knows as as they prepare there! One our companion had a poisoning after a lunch in one not too bad at all to herself roadside small restaurant. But, as a rule, tranzitnik do not spend time for dismantling about it, on as owners of the enterprises of food along the road count.

Being a person whimsical in food, I try both in distant, and it is expedient to take food from the house in a short way, certainly as far as it. And more than once it was convinced that I do right thing. Perhaps and small in comparison with someone, but all - experience of the automobile traveler helped me to develop certain of the rule of food on the way .

At selection of products which you are going to take with yourself, it is necessary to sweep aside two extremes at once. In - the first, I mean food after which usually there is a wish to lie down, doze, glazonk just stick together - it is greasy food. And in - the second, it is in general easy food, but after which it is necessary to stop often - options in this list much: at everyone the stomach relaxes on the product. Well, maybe, and tasty the food these days will be not such, maybe, it will not turn out to include the adored dish in the menu, but as you will reach the place, so will have at full scale!

At mine “the first pilot“ such here view of food in way: there should not be joint meals. Handed over change, ate well and on lateral - to digest. But I am not able to sleep on the way at all - just in no shape or form transport! Here also it turns out: “second“ stay, and then for a wheel is too! Therefore I collect food to the road at discretion and I present the husband with a fait accompli. Anything! Yet never damaged!

By the way, take care of that before departure to eat well not only, but also it is safe. And not sated, and the crowded stomach can force the driver to be nervous. He begins to show more attention to other drivers (where you prt?) than to. Such irritation rolls also after “yesterday`s“: departure was noted! In the morning everything was good, coffee encouraged, and now its action ended. It is at parting more reasonable to arrange a dinner per day earlier. As for coffee, according to physicians, it is better not to take it in the road. For a vzbodreniye it is just necessary to stop and walk, straighten a back, to quietly admire the nature.

The neighbor - the long-distance truck driver told that he works without workmate, and the instruction it is offered to stop for 15 minutes through everyone three - four hours. And not to poison baizes with colleagues, and to have a rest - to be disconnected, relax, wander. Says that forces are not bad restored. To the driver - the traveler it will be useful too.

How I am eager to satisfy on the way? To stock up with two thermoses - for hot and for cold the drinks made houses, the hands. Counting on what on the route can be bought some mineral water, you remember that you not in the district and composition of water not yours. Buy mineralochka, usual better. It is necessary to drink gradually - not for economy of a product, and again - that not to overflow a stomach. For emergency it is possible to take vegetables and fruit: apple, carrots, a cucumber - previously washed up. Seductively during a heat to eat an ice cream glass! And you did not notice what getting always thirsty after that? Draw conclusions!

If your way is so far that all - it is necessary to use predpriyaty public catering, well study the menu. It is better to ask whether there is as a part of the dishes chosen by you no fact that your stomach and a liver do not transfer. And still council: do not start on a journey right after a lunch. Walk, porazomnitsya, take a breath!

Remarkably if you have a cooler bag, but some heated-up products, for example, the thawed chocolate or a warm small bottle with water can be cooled also without it. Someone from your satellites (and “the second pilot“, what for?) on the run of the car will extend a hand, for example, with the softened chocolate and will take so several minutes - the tile will harden.

I hope, you will not take with yourself boiled sausage or other perishable goods? Favourite cottage cheese will not for long keep freshness too. More and more time think of the stomach! Do not disturb him either hunger, or an overeating too, nor the “reflected“ products. You remember: still it is necessary to look for a first-aid post in which will agree to wash out to you a stomach! Our acquaintances are inveterate autotourists - consider that it is good to take nutlets or croutons in the road: they help to satisfy quickly hunger and will not deteriorate neither from a heat, nor from cold.

We had not to use, but speak, on roads there are so-called electropoints where travelers can cook to themselves food in microwaves. Some tourists even carry small ovens with themselves that payment for services was less.

For acceptance of food it is better to stop! All right, if you slightly choke. And if something happens more seriously? The car which lost control at least for a moment threatens with much bigger troubles.

It is not less necessary to observe on the way hygiene at acceptance of food . Still houses everything has to be washed up and well packed - into a napkin, into cellophane it was convenient to hold. Happens on the way that there is nothing to wash hands before food and after it... And I still would advise not to gather water even for washing of hands, anywhere. Eventually, now sell various antibacterial gels: one drop - and a problem is solved. But all - with a napkin is more convenient, more pleasant. And, of course, do not forget bags under garbage and disposable tableware to throw out all this in the designated place.

So, the husband prepares for travel the car, and “the second pilot“ - the husband, food, drink, means of hygiene. And still: do not forget to put in the medicine first-aid kit for the aid to a stomach and intestines! You never know …

Observing these simple precautionary measures, you will do without problems, or you will have them absolutely nothing! Happy journey to all your four wheels!