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And you know that such Head - Up Display?

the Abbreviation of HUD are deciphered as Head - Up Display that, in turn, is translated from English as “the display of the raised head“.

In Russia this device received the name “projector on a windshield“. It is the special system of the car allowing to project data (depending on model, it can be the speed, engine turns, a voltage in system etc.) directly before the driver, directly on a windshield.

For the first time similar systems appeared in military aircraft industry. Various indicators were projected directly on glass of a helmet of the pilot of the fighter aircraft. For several tenth seconds which are necessary to translate a view of the dashboard and back superfast fighters flew by hundreds of meters. And the plane passed all this distance almost blindly that very strongly influenced safety of flights.

Automotive industry always took the best of other areas, and the projector on a windshield did not become an exception. Earlier to enjoy the similar device in operation, besides fighter pilots, owners of Corvette Z06, Citroen C6, BMW 5 - y and 6 - y series could. But now the industry of automobile tuning stepped forward, and in the market there were portable HUD - the projectors suitable practically any model of the car.

HUD - the projector on a windshield represents the LED display of high brightness which settles down over the dashboard of the car and projects indications of devices (speed, engine turns, a voltage in system, temperature of the cooling contour - the quantity and character of the displayed parameters depends only on projector model) on a windshield directly before the driver.

Also how the device is connected depends on model - or directly to onboard system of the car (takes readings from regular devices), or via the lighter (takes readings from the sensors which are included in the device package). If your car on a guarantee, is better to choose the second option as one of conditions of preservation of a guarantee is integrity of an electric network of the car.

HUD - the projector on a windshield is the unique device ensuring safety and comfort driving! You should not be distracted constantly by indications of devices any more, so, you will not distract from the road. You will always manage to slow down before sharply stopped car or the pedestrian who jumped out on the road, will always notice road signs. Huge advantage of similar devices is the possibility of the sound or color alarm system. As soon as one of the sizes displayed on a windshield exceeds admissible norms, you will see or will hear a special signal of system.

HUD CRX - 3001 - the simplest option of a projector. Projects indications of a speedometer, it is connected to an onboard network, at excess of the set limits of speed can publish a sound or color signal (the turned-off function).

HUD CRX - 3002 - has the greatest number of functions: projects indications of a speedometer, a tachometer, a voltage of system, cooling liquid temperature, information on inclusion of dimensional light, has color indication of the set limits of all indicators.

HUD CRX - 3003 - the model which is not demanding connection to onboard devices (therefore it is ideal for cars on a guarantee). By means of built in the GPS device - antennas the device obtains information on speed from satellites. GPS - the CRX antenna - 3003 can be used also for other devices on Bluetooth - the channel. Food via the lighter.

You can not worry about indications of devices any more - the system of projection on a windshield will take care of it. And you only need to enjoy driving process!

As it was already told above, literally HUD is translated as “the display of the raised head“. Unless you never wanted to drive own car with is proud of the raised head?