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How simply to the investor to turn into the successful investor? Three rules

Want to share several supervision which I made for the 17 - summer history of the relations with securities. And I began the acquaintance to stock market in far 90 - e years of last millennium when “chubaysovsky“ voucher privatization still with might and main rattled . You still remember such significant event in the history of our country?

I then studied at university on economics department and ours most “ advanced “ teachers created own check investment fund - in abbreviated form ChIF-and invited us, the students, also to participate in this business, new to all.

Since then, from the second year of university, my life is anyway connected with finance, stocks and other clever “ words strategy of trade for Fibonacci`s levels “.

Passed nearly two decades, the certain experience was saved up, and today I want to share with you some views of commission of risky, speculative operations in stock market.

So how to the simple investor to turn into successful?

the Rule first

do not chase the market - all the same do not catch up!

it “ gold “ the rule for some reason are held back by teachers of the numerous courses training to speculative stock trade, futures, currencies, etc.

Advertising of similar courses you, for certain, already repeatedly saw - there is oath promise that with their help you will become a millionaire , if not tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow precisely!

These courses are organized at various banks and investment companies, and local teachers teach you to what they of , alas, are not able .

In the life I met only a few units people who earned really big money on similar risky operations with securities.

There is such here very unpleasant statistics: 90 percent of beginners independently to trade, even after passing of similar courses, sooner or later lose all the money !

Think of it before giving the last money to some investment broker who is interested only in one - in the commission from your operations.

It - that will precisely earn the reward irrespective of, you get profit or will lose the money. the Rule second

listen to Nobody to


Us are surrounded by people who like to stick the nose in our affairs and strive to give uninvited advice.

If you seriously decided to create to yourself the solid capital and forever to provide the family , then do not accept any the recommendation about an occasion of your investment strategy from the family, fellow workers and even from consultants - analysts of your broker.

Unless someone from them already became a millionaire , trading in securities? Then what right they have to give to you advice concerning an investment of your money? the Rule third


only on yourself!

If you decided to succeed on trade in securities and other high-risky assets, then think, what knowledge and skills have people who achieved success in this extremely difficult field ?

Find out, where they acquired this knowledge how long and at whom they studied where and on what practiced ? And then just pass the same way .

And then you will precisely possess the same qualification and level of knowledge which is necessary for you for achievement of the purposes. we Will sum up of

the result

Always have own opinion on the events in stock market, study a maximum of information and always you remember that the decision to accept only to you.

It is your money, and it you very strongly risk them.

Progress to you! Successful trade!