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How to select photos to articles?

If you at least once tried to inform of the thought people, so you precisely thought how to strengthen impression how to find an image which will be capable to make it better. Everyone knows that he will not allure children to the book if in it there are no pictures, in most cases they will just ignore such book. And any arrangements, any “usefulness“ or “interesnost“ of it not to correct.

... our poems have to be grafichna, that is in each stanza, and at times and in each couplet there has to be a material for the artist because absolute figurativeness is peculiar to thinking of younger children. Those verses with which the artist has nothing to do are absolutely unsuitable for these children. Writing for them has to think, so to speak, of drawings “ (Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky: “From two to five“).

In other words, the text, first of all, has to be full of images and actions then to pictures there will be a place.

Remember any modern magazine: there for certain the photo in the photo, the picture on the picture. And in spite of the fact that we in most cases see frank advertizing, all of us equally with pleasure consider it and we read the accompanying text...

If, having written the whole page of verses, you notice that the one and only drawing is necessary for it all, cross out this page as obviously unusable “ (Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky: “From two to five“).

As we see, the classic of children`s literature wrote about this simple rule when not that personal computers - the Internet and in plans were not.

So, to business. You wrote article and want “to recover“ it, “to decorate“, “refresh“. The first a question which rises before you: “How many has to be photos (illustrations)?“ A little earlier Korney Ivanovich already answered the question posed, however we count by no means not only on kids, so, and we can be not so strict.

You have to pick up at least one photo on one page. At the same time it is not so important, you will have a page of the A4, A5 format or it is less of that. If on one page you stated several important thoughts, then it is possible to illustrate everyone separately. However try to use no more than three pictures, otherwise you risk that turn the reader into the viewer, and your thoughts can be not read by the majority.

The second question: “Where to look for photos?“ the Answer is simple - look for everywhere. Open the page of search and enter inquiry “free image banks“, you look, download. The main thing, respect someone else`s copyright therefore or take material which the author allowed to use without payment of the fee, or pay the pleasant image on paid photodrains, the benefit it is rather inexpensive now.

The third : “How many it is necessary to have photos before work?“ The more the better. At least, on three on one idea. “Crude“ material has to be much. At the artist, namely him you also become at the time of the beginning of work with images, there has to be a place for a flight of fancy!

It is quite probable that in the course of this work, you will have fresh thoughts, burning desire to finish article. You remember, Garcia Marquez rewrote “Colonel“ eleven times, and it was worth it.

What it is still important to remember at selection of photos? photos “neutral“ - the smiling people, landscapes, still lifes Are. There are “thematic“ - emotional, saturated. The first - are more universal more conveniently in use. In magazines it is often possible to meet the photo of the people sitting at laptops, little tables, simply smiling in a chamber or jumping from pleasure. The second - much more strict demand compliance to a plot: for example, the image of the pregnant woman, the broken tree or the angry person. It is better to use “thematic“ and to dilute them “neutral“, not to overload the reader excessively emotional images.

Further laws of composition come into force . That it is important to know:

1. The photos placed on one page have to be harmonious on color scale, otherwise you risk to cause subconscious rejection by the reader of your article.

2. On the right and left sides of a leaf it is better to combine alignment of photos.

3. The photo has to supplement the text, but not prevail over it; if it occurs, it is better to take out it on the separate page.

4. Proportions of images have to be close to page proportions. Print out article and depart on one and a half meters. Look at composition generally.

5. It is black - white and color images are seldom combined on one leaf. Try not to use such combinations.

And finally: I want to remind you that the real creativity begins where you already know when it is more correct to break the law, than to observe it ...