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Online - game: how to create what will bring real money?

Creation online - games - business thin, are even thinner than the East. The whole world has to be embodied in it, moreover, it has to become a peculiar reflection of the real world, its substitute substitute - otherwise nobody will wish to play it. There has to be an intrigue capable to interest potential players of various age categories. Eternal human values - love, friendship, it is desirable even - an opportunity family (in this case, of course, pseudo-family) the relations. And nevertheless, all this does not guarantee that game will bring in quite real income measured in the number of convertible bank notes.

So, creation online - games . Let`s not consider such games as checkers, chess and others - the quiet options of games demanding existence of thought process. It - for intellectuals, for “botanists“. It will be a question of those games which are available to everyone, beginning from the plumber and finishing the academician which it is possible to play since there was only an opportunity to reach the keyboard, and till last day though in dotage though in infantile pink glasses. Such games bring in the maximum income. But players in them do not think, they fight, passing from one fight to another.

The first that has to be present at such game, - a fascinating plot which has to be developed on open spaces of the virtual world. The technogenic plots reminding the real world are not the best at all. Everyone sees the similar world daily and in game not especially welcomes. Game has to open the worlds unknown hitherto, allow to plunge into the fairy tale other than daily reality. Therefore optimum choice : the worlds of a la the Middle Ages, but with magic impurity (magic now especially in fashion that to be convinced of it, rather simply to read announcements in newspapers). Space fights are rather quite good too, but considerably concede to the Middle Ages - not everyone will want to glance in the future, and to here try the hand in “past“ - quite another matter.

Indispensable condition : the plot of game has to be with the open final. That is, no final by definition is provided. Otherwise the player, having finished up to the end and having killed the Most important Bad boy, will simply go to other game. And it is loss of the potential payer of money. Therefore, it is necessary to provide if not continuous improvement of the world, then presence of constant enemies who can be killed every day.

And here it, a key of success and the income online - games: opposition of races has to be provided. Every day to kill computer designs, the drawn monsters not too interestingly. But if on the other side of the screen the Real Living Enemy (that is, other real player), game gets absolutely other color. And that`s it profitability begins from here.

For what the player pays, especially, when he initially is attracted by free of charge online - games? For a powerful armor, the weapon, a riding and fighting animal, and so on - to put it briefly, for destruction tools. But only in one case there is a readiness to put not only the time, but also quite real money: if it is about extermination of the Living Enemy.

It is necessary to consider that this most Living Enemy is in similar conditions, and he has on the other side of the monitor same almost real “bad boy“. And, therefore, real money also joins game.

Process increases if only only creators of game provided additional options of development and improvement of tools of attack and protection, and also bonuses for each murder of not drawn monster, namely - other player. For example: offer so many death of enemies to the goddess, spirit, to a dragon, the keeper - and you will have additional opportunities (for example, the goddess flattered with gift will strengthen blow, will increase the vital strength of the character). It is very important that these additional opportunities were limited on time, thus, there will be an incentive for new sacrifices and consequently, and for new financial injections.

It is very good if in game not only opposition of two races, but also division of each race into smaller communities is provided. Each person seeks for setting of the friendly relations - it is a natural consequence of an instinct of a survival. It is convenient if friendly contacts can be transferred to new game level, for example, of creation of clan . It - not only convenience of communication of users, but also an additional way of pumping of real money from game.

Any of clan gets the most “abrupt“ armor, a powerful riding and fighting animal and the weapon of the latest model. Naturally, all others will begin to aspire besides most. Alas, nobody cancelled a gregarious instinct. Besides, it is awkward to be the ragamuffin if all others look as persons of royal blood. And still the shred of real money will drip to creators of game.

A reproduction instinct - one more way to receive money. Of course, in the virtual world the speech can go only about the substitute relations (the truth, it is necessary to notice that quite often virtual acquaintances and the relations pour out in something quite real), however the relations anyway are present. And heterosexual characters communicate. How it is possible to express the sympathy, gratitude and so on to the character of an opposite sex? The easiest way - to present a souvenir. Virtual, but nevertheless, not cheap. If this souvenir is also useless for game - that better.

The conclusion of virtual marriage in game space - additional money both for a ceremony, and for the drawn wedding rings and gifts newly married. All this demands money, and game professions (such it is necessary to provide for an enticement of those players, which initially against investments of real money too) traditionally do not provide the necessary level of “the game income“ of the character. Therefore - again real money.

But nevertheless it is possible to do without virtual REGISTRY OFFICES, souvenirs and other trifles. Will be oppositions of races enough - and in game quite real bank notes will pour down.

So if you want to create successful financially online - game, address creation of an image of the Eternal Enemy but who is not drawn, and almost real.

And small lyrical conclusion. You read all above. To you it is not terrible yet? All of you still want to play in such online - games? You want that they were played by your children? And business at all not in the player`s expenses on acquisition of the drawn weapon or a magic elixir of fearlessness. Namely in the key provision of such games: opposition of races . Think: what will the child, the teenager take out from game? What idea of the real world at it will develop as a result of similar games?

Perhaps, having properly thought, all of you will be frightened. Also offer your child the real relations, real parental care and guardianship instead of subcontracting his education to the computer, and especially - online - to games.