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We prepare in the microwave oven.

the Microwave oven are our faithful assistant in simplification of our life for a long time and took the worthy place in our modern life, saving us forces and time. And all fears of an innovation of technical progress which developed around the microwave oven easily also quickly broke against the mass of arguments in favor of convenience of daily use of a microwave. Now it is already difficult to meet the person doing without microwave oven. The mass of shopping centers offer microwave ovens of different brands and configurations among which to choose suitable not so that and it is easy. How to choose the mikrovy furnace? It is not so difficult if to fill up the knowledge base. And so, About everything one after another the First: all microwaves can be divided into three types: usual, with a grill, with a grill and convection. Models with a grill and convection allow to prepare kuliarny dishes not worse, than in a usual oven thanks to existence of mobile ten and the fan. The second: choice of volume. At the choice of volume it is necessary to be guided by family volume. For one there will be enough also 10 liters, and for a family of 4 - 5 people it will be required liters 30. The third: microwave power. The more power, the is less cooking time. Normal amount from 500 to 850 watts. Let`s review an example: the dish which prepares in the 500 watts microwave oven in 25 minutes in the 850 watts furnace will prepare in 15 minutes. The fourth: type of management, distinguish mechanical and electronic. The second is subdivided on push-button and touch. The type of management is not unimportant as it causes convenience of use. The fifth: material of an internal covering of a chamber: enamel, stainless steel, ceramic covering. Enamel - the most widespread covering, does not create complexity in leaving. A ceramic covering - the most practical: rather strong, parts of fat are not late, it is very simple to look after: it is enough to wipe with a napkin. The stainless steel - high durability, the highest resistance to long influence of temperatures, an excellent look, but demands more time in leaving. The sixth factor - a brand. Here as well as in cases with other production: you want to save - choose a brand, more modestly, you want functionality, quality, additional guarantees and an original form - choose a loud brand. And in the conclusion It should be noted that upon purchase it is necessary to remember mission of the microwave oven is a defrosting, preparation and a warming up of food, and not the mass of additional “lotions“ in the form of a radiopriyenik or a point of access with Internet connection at all!