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Old age? Or transformation?

Old age? Or transformation?

14 - 04 - 2010. - 22 - 04 - 2010 Stockholm.

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Leaving … … … Welcome, there is no such person who does not fear an old age.

will be also Not much those who see something positive in its approach.

But to sing of an old age!

for this purpose is necessary at least two conditions: courage and age: - to know an object of research ….

So it old age?

Is simple one of the life periods, its final period, or transformation of the human person?

As there are not enough people capable to cope with irreversibility of the events and age losses.

Nevertheless, an old age is a result of life.

That was created, received.

Whom saw themselves, that and steel.

If lived as a butterfly - a something ephemeral, then we will just disappear together with the worn-out cover.

If lived as the personality, as the thinker and the philosopher, then the additional quantity, the cares necessary for further preservation of that temporary haven of Dushchi which our body is is just added with age.

Old age this not so scary word.

the Old age is our property, is that ours is valid, and belongs only to us.

If we since young years were not afraid to remain in private with themselves.

If from all people, was most interesting to us communication with itself, with the inner world, the reflections, the humour, ability to analyze and understand any situation. If we did not look for support in others, and were a support and support for people around, unless the old age is terrible to us?

If we for ourselves acquired that life is a road and the further we on it move, the we become more reasonable and wiser, distinctly understanding that once we will come to top of our life after which descent will begin, and it will go to end.

That in it terrible or unfair?

Momento Moore! - remember death! Spoke ancient, and in it there is a great sense.

It does not mean that it is necessary to think constantly of an old age and death, to be afraid of their approach, and these to make itself life a misery.

It means that it is necessary to live so that ready to be worthy and joyful “to win back“ the final act, the most fascinating play which our own private life is.

We live in the world where everything is relative. Including beauty.

the biggest delusion to consider that only the young body and the person as a mask can be beautiful: - without wrinkles.

Who did not pay attention to what mature and absolutely gray-haired men and women are beautiful, even leaning on a cane!

Beauty here, first of all in ADVANTAGE.

And what ugly the young fallen people are!

The body is only a cover, a candy wrapper. there is no

If worthy contents, then even in youth BEAUTY is not always looked through.

Attributes of really beautiful Person, it is independence, warmth, love to itself and to all surrounding, an open light look, goodwill, wisdom, good mood, advantage and confidence.

The most surprising and paradoxical, is that in independence of a body, beauty of such person is always visible to all and steadily attracts people.

- here whom it is necessary to learn to be the person respecting himself in old age.

Such person always beautifully and on age is dressed, he will not dare to squeal or groan and complain of “present youth and life“ because it, actually, still among them.

Nothing is able to be brought down from a way of such person: - neither loneliness, nor economic problems, nor even diseases because from any situations there is always exit. Matter only that one look for an exit and find it, and others lower hands and fall.

On this subject can give a good parable:

At one farmer fell down in the old, thrown well a burro and lifted big shout. The farmer did not know how to rescue him. Nobody wanted to risk life and to go down in a well. The decision to cover it with earth that he died quicker was made and ceased to shout so dreadfully.

At the first lumps of the earth the burro began to let out even more dreadfully cries.

But then it suddenly calmed down and did not give more signs of life. the farmer glanced

Through some time in a well and was stupefied:

the Burro dodged from the flying earth and allowed it to fall freely on a well bottom, and itself became on this earth.

Soon lands became so many that he jumped too much a well and escaped ….

Instructive parable, isn`t it?

As well as that in which the frog did not roll in milk and “fussed“ so much and jumped, did not churn butter yet and could not jump out.

the Exit always is!

The wise man what is in worthy (not advanced, this word not for it) age of people, out of doubt, will always find for himself the way out, first of all, to keep the respect for itself.

There is a woman. It is already not so beautiful as it was. It on the general standard concepts.

A she knows all the best parties and will manage to emphasize so them that on the worst nobody and turned attention. That they remained in the shadow. She knows

about their existence. But solves - that personally IT. Therefore it will not “butt in“

“race on adjustment“ of under the standard.

She will think up personally for herself something that will allocate it from standard crowd and all eyes will be attracted to it.

Or other woman.

Yes, it passed hard life. Grew up the daughter and the son.

But! Yes, she will forgive me already there, behind line …. to it egoism was very strong


A by an old age it in general turned into power vampirism.

The better concerned to her children and grandsons, the it is more and more she demanded.

The more it was dissatisfied with everything.

of Subjects more it exhausted the daughter, bringing it to nervous breakdowns with the subsequent sense of guilt.

of the Son it in general held, the call of duty inspired in it, near itself,

actually, having deprived of an opportunity to have a family.

as a result it exhausted all family and itself, but all clung to life though no resources for this purpose it practically had any more.

I then their family doctor tried to treat not only a body, but also I smother.

She wrote them the following prayer and recommended to read it several times a day.

Prayer of your children:

Mummy, dear, favourite! We so well you understand

, we sympathize with you and we forgive for everything that besides our will sometimes causes in us offenses.


is hard for You now.

But open the heart for love our and God`s. Forgive to

also you us if something was not so.

We still love you, and from the heart we do everything that in our forces for simplification of your fate.

Calm down expensive! Fill up

every evening quietly.

Trust in God and his eternal love, and in one of nights It will open before you the Gate of the Kingdom of Heaven, and you will quietly and joyfully pass for Eternal Life there.

So is necessary, dear mummy!

So occurred, occurs, and will happen to all people. sometime you will meet by

I also us: - your children and grandsons.

A trust in God now, it will help you, as always helps all.


… … in several days, she very quietly died, previously having said goodbye to all and having thanked for everything.

But on it history did not end.

At the daughter began a depression. As she explained - she was not left by weight on heart. then the doctor recommended

I to it, to take a big commonplace book and to confess, but not in church and not before the priest, and in conversation with the died mother: to tell that she is tormented by sense of guilt that she reproaches herself in, allegedly not completely fulfilled affiliated duty etc.

the Daughter implemented also this recommendation of the doctor.

Then felt free and quiet.

Could breathe freely as though weight left heart.

Here such history taken directly from life.

Most important and simplest secret of eternal youth: - it is necessary to KEEP ITSELF by an old age.

of People as if a fine picture for which it during all life creates a frame: - and it is not only and not just money and things, these are first of all people with whom himself is surrounded.

There is no old age.

Is laziness and the wrong arrangement of priorities.

Everything depends only on ourselves.

By an old age should have own inner world which will never allow us to suffer from loneliness and on anybody not to depend.

Should have the power supply system and the personal comfortable way of life allowing to keep the body that it served us faithfully in an order.

Should create the image, to follow it, and from time to time to correct it to remain beautiful and attractive, but according to private judgments, but to the standard which is not imposed to us.

Everything is subject to the person until he remains the person and the personality.

Any misfortunes and adversities are incapable us to break so far in us there is a core of the personality and wisdom. We always have a FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

I we always solve all.

We receive only that we agree to receive.

is not pleasant? Endow something, but leave!

If, despite of everything, remained, so you are broken, you lost the core, it you are guilty, but not circumstances, not life and “bad someone“.

Old age it not so much condition of a body, how many state of mind.

If it concerned Soul, then before us the old man or the old woman.

If touched only a body, having left Soul young, then before us the wise man.

The final period of life is actually TRANSFORMATION.

Is time everything to be understood and to forgive all.

Time of unconditional love and fidelity to people and life.

Time of a fulfillment of all that was not in time yet.

During this period of life of requirement are minimum, and spiritual opportunities are boundless.

is time not of a body. This time of Soul.

It is necessary to be in time, to estimate everything in a new way, by higher principles.

In old age it is impossible to be petty, it is necessary to become generous and large-scale.

is not necessary vanity and haste. There is no place to hurry more ….

Tranquility and endurance - here that becomes the main thing.

Wisdom is such great thing, it is such surprising, universal key which is capable to open any doors.

I when to the wise man will come Her Majesty Smert, he will tell:

- Hi Old times! You already here?

Yes, of course, I know that there is no immortality.

You come to everyone in the day and hour.

Why not now? Also my day came?

Thanks! I am ready.

will begin the most interesting Now.

Ya, at last, I learn what is not known by any person. I learn

Ya whether there is life after death? whether

Exists reincarnation and new transformations?

Ya was nine months small “gusenichka“ in heat of my mummy.

Ya flitted many years a tireless butterfly.

Ya some time observed the world from - under an armor, the lived years. now I am free and ready

A to new opening.

That THERE, light or gloom?

Ya I am consumed with curiosity!

Conduct me … … … … … …