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Individual entrepreneur. Who is he?

In any explanatory dictionary are definition: the individual entrepreneur is the natural person registered in accordance with the established procedure and who is carrying out business activity without formation of legal entity.

Unfortunately, there nothing is told about difficulties and problems which those who became on a track of own financial independence face! Relying on own experience, I can assure honestly that business is the independent, carried-out at own risk activity directed to systematic receiving profit on use of property, sales of goods, performance of work or rendering services and it is a lot of - a lot of things still … any who reached majority can be

the individual entrepreneur Today and is a citizen of the Russian Federation. However, this rule does not extend to the public and municipal servants.

Individual business is one of forms of conducting small business. The separate law on individual business per se is not adopted, however individual business is regulated by the Tax and Civil code, and also some other regulations.

Passing of the state registration of SP is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for occupation by business activity. After registration the businessman needs to open for the settlement account and/or to register on itself the cash register for implementation of calculations with clients. For this purpose it is required to receive the information letter of body of statistics on assignment of codes and if there is a desire, to order the press.

At the beginning of a way everyone who wants to open the business has to answer himself a question. That it will be more favorable to it: organization or individual business? It is more difficult to register the organization. It is necessary to prepare the charter, to find the room for the legal address, to bring authorized capital. Individual business is exempted from all this. The legal status of individual entrepreneurs is characterized by responsibility. The SP answers for obligations all the property (The civil code of the Russian Federation, Art. 24), and the founder or the participant of the organization by only a sum which is not exceeding his share in authorized capital.

Individual business in this sense has some more advantages: it is simple to organize, simply to finish business; the simplified order of maintaining the account (accounting is not obligatory); at any time the SP has the right to transfer the money received from business activity to personal property (i.e. finance of individual entrepreneurs and natural persons is not divided); the simplified decision-making order (meeting of founders, protocols, etc. is not necessary) .

But even if you successfully received all necessary documents, dug up financial means and found partners in business, it only the beginning of business. Interesting ahead. And it: sleepless nights, nerves, fears that something can not turn out, and a lot of things what it is not told in the explanatory dictionary about.

And if despite everything, all of you still wish to become financially independent person with own business, dare. As it is sung in the song: “Only the seas obey courageous!“ Good luck!