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Just be a Man!

First, the deep motivation pushing the man on feats are a sexual harmony with the beloved and a valid distance in the human relations.

as a result leads the Data set of steps to love.

If the man, wishes to remain always a man, to take the responsibility, to go also to the purposes and to reach them. To live in harmony with itself and world around, I will try to give several principles on which it is possible to construct the way to the Man.

So, the first with what it is worth beginning -

Belief and gratitude for a selectness for life. Belief that you are not for nothing born not for nothing you trample down the earth and that your arrival makes huge sense.

The second. Belief that, God of each of us allocated with knowledge, force, opportunities, but they die off if not to develop them and not to use. And therefore the man perfects the abilities every day, every month, every year.

The third. Understanding that on development of, the qualities, on aspiration forward - the main man`s value - responsibility keeps.

The fourth. Understanding that the most deep motivation is a love. Only it is necessary to remember that the love is the movement. It not feeling which is to us on the head on a silver platter. These are not current rushes and the dimmed mind. It is not talk under the moon and hundreds of hot nights. To love - means to go forward. To open to new, to cut old, to fill itself with pleasure. To be improved in the chosen business. To be able to build protection against manipulations and to work on intuition.

The fifth. To communicate with any woman on the deepest respect, observing a distance knightly, fatherlike, filial. Depending on the one who before you. Reproaches, scandals, attempts to change - will not lead

to anything. If the woman, does not understand, does not perceive, or for any reason is not ready to conversation - better to be removed. Without pathos and irony it is quiet to step aside.

Sincerity and naturalness of the relations depends on a right choice of a distance here and now.

You should not be mistaken that with the beloved it is possible to talk and behave somehow, and the rule about a distance loses meaning. Just from darling - in a bigger measure. Do not do of your woman the mother or the daughter, ready, to endure any relation and any address.

The sixth. To accept all the mistakes, sins, delusions, acts - as lessons. To learn these lessons and to leave them in the past. To understand that you are not insured from new in the future and to cease to blame yourself every day, thereby inflating sense of guilt for the past. It is always a brake on the way to itself. Change the program, about sense of guilt switch to a sense of responsibility.

And the last principle - the Man remains the man until it is capable to love and work. You will not lose anything in this life until you store and develop in yourself these abilities. Also do not forget, you on this earth - only the pupil. To learn all secrets beyond our powers. To help to come to own forces, to themselves - repentance, forgiveness and humility can that the way to tops lies through an apprenticeship.