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The machine or the electrorazor - what to choose?

In life of each man come the responsible moment... Well, perhaps, there is a lot of responsible moments in life, and that moment about which we will talk in this article, not the most responsible... But, all-. In life of each man there comes the moment when time to have a shave comes... Or - not to have a shave, that is to release a beard and moustaches.

But if you decided to have a shave, then before you there is a question: what to have a shave with? Options, in effect only two: machine or electrorazor. Each of these options has the pluses and minuses, someone prefers one, and someone another. Ask: and what is preferred personally by me? And here I will not tell! To keep at least visibility of objectivity and not to suggest to the reader an idea that article has advertizing character in favor of one of ways of shaving. Any advertizing - only the facts, and conclusions draw.

So that it is possible to tell in favor of shaving by the electrorazor ?

In - the first - quickly. All process of shaving occupies no more than five - seven minutes.

In - the second, there is no need for shaving creams and water. If the electrorazor is equipped with the charger, then it is possible to have a shave in any place, even outdoors.

And still: when shaving the electrorazor excluded cuts and skin scratches.

And what minuses at the electrorazor ?

In - the first, the electrorazor shaves not so purely as the machine.

In - the second, shaving by the electrorazor can cause irritation of skin which is shown by an itch and rash. However, usually after a while (as a rule, within a month) skin gets used, and the irritation passes.

And the last: the electrorazor is much more expensive of the machine. However, it should be noted that replacement of a set of edges to the electrorazor is required much less than to the machine. If it is the net razor - that time in one and a half years. If rotor - that is even more rare (approximately, time in three years).

However those which have a shave with machines , of course, can bring many arguments into advantage such shaving. For example...

The machine shaves more purely, than the electrorazor therefore it is possible to have a shave less often.

Shaving by the machine does not cause irritation.

The machine costs much cheaper. However, it is necessary to consider that if you bought a razor, then then you periodically should get to it new edges, and also creams and lotions - that is everything that it is necessary for damp shaving.

At the same time shaving has the machine and shortcomings :

The water source, shaving cream, aftershave lotion are necessary... Generally, rather long and troublesome.

Scratches, cuts on skin, the cut-off spots - almost inevitable costs of shaving by the machine.

It is necessary to buy periodically creams, lotions and new edges. However, there are also disposable machines with constant edges. That is, one - two times shaved - and threw out. Such machines cost little. However and quality at them very low: shave not too purely, but leave the mass of scratches and cuts on a face.

There now, perhaps, and all. I hope that I managed though it is short, but rather it is clear to state the main arguments in favor of each of ways of shaving. What is called - the facts, only the facts and nothing, except the facts. And draw conclusions!