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How it is easy to grow thin by summer?

On the street - heat! Getting clothes from cases it is easier, you noticed that you hardly get into it, not easy to clasp the lock of favourite trousers, the waist got to somewhere.

The excess volumes reserved for long winter considerably spoil mood. However there is an available and effective program which will help you to dump several kilograms, to give to a body elasticity, to raise a vitality and to meet summer in a good form.

For a start think what in your diet and a way of life negatively influences weight. You, most likely, move a little, overeat, like themselves to indulge with excessive sweets.

we will be engaged in span in a spirit Now. It is much more difficult to grow thin if to keep thinking of how you look bad, are not elegant and in general are awfully thick. Feel the beauty queen (or Mr. sexy), add to mood slightly more pleasure, ease and, of course, confidence in success (an indispensable condition!) .

in the Morning, right after awakening, we will do couple of exercises for strengthening of muscles of a stomach. It will take not enough time. Postpone a pillow, be extended, lying on a back.

1. Exhaled, densely to press a waist from top to bottom. Owing to an exhalation it is strong to pull in a stomach, and to raise a basin up. To repeat 10 times.

2. to Raise both legs as it is possible above. It is dense to press a waist from top to bottom, not to cave in. To straighten knees, slowly to lower both legs down, then, without concerning a bed, again slowly to raise legs up. To repeat 8 times.

we Will pass into a shower. The contrast shower with alternation of hot water and cold - a good charge of cheerfulness for all day, does skin elastic and helps to grow thin.

After a shower - a floor - a glass of hot boiled water.

Breakfast. Have surely breakfast! Dairy products with the low content of fats, porridges, black or gray bread, cheese, fruit, herbal teas.

Observe a diet! The break between food should not exceed 3 hours. Eat more often, but it is less! Between the main meals eat unsweetened fruit or drink a glass of natural juice. Better, of course, freshly squeezed vegetable, fruit juice and their mixes. Instead of coffee, aerated water, sweet drinks - herbal or green tea.

Drink usual water. Cold water helps to grow thin as the organism spends energy that to warm it to body temperature. But be careful, protect a throat and do not drink cold water right after food as it will complicate digestion of food.

begin the Main meal with a vegetable dish, it is better than all soup. It is easy to cook vegetable soups. It can be cream soups or any your favourite soups cooked on vegetable broth.

Replace traditional garnishes from rice, noodles, potato with vegetable salads.

With salads perfectly combine low-fat fish, light meat, seafood. They can be baked, cooked, prepared on a grill. Avoid some fat sauces.

do Gas stations for salads of a small amount of olive or sunflower oil and juice of a lemon or apple cider vinegar.

Have less than salt and sugar.

move More. Use each free minute for this purpose.

you go on foot 30 minutes a day. Walk one stop, walk upstairs, shake a press during commercial breaks, make several squats between times.

Walk in parks, leave on the nature.

Housework, at the dacha - excellent option of gymnastics. Only it is better to avoid a traditional mistake: it is good to work - much to eat. You should not eat too much after that, for example, fried potato, jamming salty fat and washing down with the cook`s liter - stakes.

Patience and persistence, good mood, pleasure from a healthy lifestyle - the main keys to success!