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How to construct the relations?

Speak, one of the main symptoms of approach of an old age - a reasoning that earlier, say, trees were higher, water mokry, sugar is more sweet, and youth - unless will compare, eh! Several orders better - precisely. And spiritual - that, both educated, and decent. And beer was not drunk so much, and did not use foul language loudly, and not smoked defiantly on the run, and on corners with cigarettes hid, without speaking about any outrage which they, young people present, pretty often create.

Here and I speak: aha, we were others. No, nonsenses we created not less, and there were enough Vocational students among us too, in sense, of course, not students of technical training colleges, and those who on bigger did not pull in any sense, zhuvat to itself a zhuvachka, listened mafon yes walked in red leggings with a terrible pile on the head, cool dressed, not a couple to gray mice. And about beer, a mat and other hot it is possible to argue - I say as the person living in student`s years in a hostel. At us it was not less.

You know in what the main difference? Our generation did not know that the relations it is necessary to build . I do not say that it is good, and just I establish the fact. We just lived in these relations. As, actually, we live and now in families.

And in youth - that...

Having fallen in love in thirteen years with the boy from the ninth B or from parallel the seventh, we were sure that it - for the rest of life. Yes, then there occurred the disappointment - as a rule, soon, and also soon as at all times at teenagers, it was replaced by other love. But, rushing with the head to new teenage love, we every time were sure: everything, this time it precisely it, differently cannot just be. Love. Which for the rest of life. And which is not built, and found.

But now girls, having even lived with the person not one year under the same roof, having already given birth from it to the child, are not sure of anything. Every day they build the relations. To be fair it should be noted that the opposite sex is occupied by the same. Despite years in one bed and the general children, people are busy with construction.

One more generation of builders; only now not communism, and these as they are the relations, in.

Not firemen we, not carpenters and. But there are no regrets bitter. We are assemblers - spidermen, and from height we send you hi... (c)

Building, is told, it is impossible to finish because there is no limit to perfection. It is only possible to stop. To wind down the work and to throw forces and any serious construction equipment on other site, yet not built up. Beginning new construction with the beginning. Naturally, having ordered the project and having made the estimate and as. Construction is to you not cruise in the high sea without wheel and without sails. Here planning is obligatory, and without estimate anywhere. Otherwise, whether you know, it it is possible to build...

- Here and correctly do, intelligently approach, - someone for certain will tell. - The person, eventually, also differs in that from other mammals that can plan the life in general and the relations with the partner - in particular. To build them on a brick and to think the head at each stage. As on building, for example. And whether it will be convenient to unite kitchen and the dining room?. Whether the bathroom on the third floor is necessary?. From what party to open a window in a bedroom and how the expert on the fan - Shui will look at it?. Whether will accept this plan fire inspection or it is better to put one more emergency exit at once?.

If walls curve, in a crack blows and the ceiling flows - the builder is guilty. And who else.

All this from some party is very correct. And all - the relations or are, or they are absent. And if they are absent, then no up-to-date equipment will help. And technology of construction, by the way, too.

Some time ago, probably, foolishly, I sat on one mamsky website. It is necessary to tell, sat long enough and densely communicated with young mothers, for obvious reasons paying special attention to those who at first had pregnancy about one term with me, and respectively, in the first half of 2008 gave birth to the child. Somehow so it turned out that many young mothers of an age category 20 - 25 got to this group. From those that “build the relations“, aha. In anything not assured up to the end and every second living as on a volcano. Probably, as transfer of all times and the people of “Dom2“ learns - “Construct the love!“.

Here I saw enough of such builders in the virtual.

- Girls, yesterday I told Vasya that I am pregnant, and he frowned and left... Then called and told that the child is not necessary to it now... And here I think - can, I somehow not so told? Not those words? Perhaps it was necessary to think up something more romantically? Well there music, candles, spheres, notes, and?. What did I make not as you think?

Well of course, the laying went obliquely - the builder is guilty. The fact that material low-quality - well, happens. Not all get the first grade, so on that and skill. Tools in hands and for work to correct, having estimated at first as where not so. To build the relations - it is difficult...

- Girls, week took a walk - returned! Told - we will give birth! Hurrah! And that I thought - everything, abortion! Thought again! Thanks to those who supported!

of Hypermarket. Well generally, the strange decision, of course - to give birth only because someone “resolved“. And if he told “let`s not be“? And if he tells tomorrow: “Sorry, dear, but your mother is not necessary to me here; solve, your mother - your problems. Move away her where you want“ - mother where we will put, and? For mother, generally, already term will be given, it is not an embryo in a uterus.

Well it is fine to what, really, philosophy, especially everything was solved in the best way. Vasya thought again and allowed to give birth. To a family to be! We build further.

The next several months the girl prepares for a wedding, with awful toxicosis being wound on the subway after work on affairs, and Vasya eats with it a brain a big tablespoon, every other day throwing out tricks one more abruptly than another. Without warning, disappears for several days, comes drunk, says scurrilous things, dirty quarrels with relatives. It to a wedding and.

- What I do not so, and? - sincerely the girl asks. - It seems in the house always an order... The toilet bowl is washed. Pies... Borsch - cutlets... Well to it still, and? Perhaps to meet him in lace lingerie how you think? Perhaps to me to the psychologist to descend?

- Natusik, do not cry! Think of the kid! - advise the girl of the girlfriend on the website.

A what to tell it? That kicked Vasya out? So spoke and as. What there. It is the simplest to expel. To break - not to build. What even I, the old poor ugly aunt under forty with three children, not the twenty-year-old student, would not begin to suffer also the 100-th share of Vasiny trick? Yes to whom it is interesting what would become or there were no I...

There comes and takes place the wedding, pregnancy goes to the final stage, and Vasya goes off the rails more and more, beginning to wag already with hands in which, happens, holds blunt and heavy objects. Disappearances for several days according to the scenario “went for cigarettes-and is not present from the twentieth“, a mat - a remat and other Vasina of a joke become already a commonplace.

The girl gets ready to herself for childbirth and builds the relations, sure that life is what you make it. Not everything whether you know, it is lucky and the normal husband gets in life. Without effort you will not catch also a small fish from a pond. It is necessary to understand, find a mistake, to make the action plan and to build a family further. Perhaps Vasya did not like pelmeni therefore he swore and left from the house for three days? Anything, business reparable. It is necessary to learn to do sushi.

I stuck together it from what was... (c).

Well generally, and so it also slides so-so. Still, on my memory the third year, and the end is not visible. Somewhere there the child to whom now about two years between times was born. The girl cooks borsches, scrubs the apartment and tirelessly builds the relations, analyzing that she made not and as it was necessary to arrive in it - that a case. Vasya lives happily: comes when wants, eats, sleeps, changes clothes in pure, raises a conjugal duty and sails away to the big life full of adventures.

Vasya is not going to leave, everything suits him. What will be tomorrow - drunk knifing or a bouquet from fifty roses - nobody knows.

A few weeks ago, having visited the familiar website also it is lazy sliding eyes on headings of messages like “advise a carriage!“ or “we have the second tooth! Hurrah!“, I suddenly unexpectedly came across a post: “difference between children“.

- Advise what difference between children in a family you consider optimum. I have a child of nearly two years, there is a strong wish for the second. How you think if I become pregnant now whether it will be normal for children, for parents? Who has a difference between children 2,5 years, write how you cope! I do not want to wait any more, I want the second!

Ya I think, you guessed who the author. Construction continues...