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Weather in May. What will prompt us signs?

A month May which was designated once travny in a national calendar is celebrated by a number of the signs connected with the nature. On these signs built the forecast of a harvest. What our ancestors paid attention to?

Heat or cold?

Strangely enough, was considered that it is better that May in general was cool: “May cold - bumper-crop year“. And still noticed that if the beginning of month warm, then it is necessary to wait for cold snaps at the end supposedly May heat unreliably and then it is necessary “to plow in shirts, in fur coats to sow“. 6 - go May spoke: “Kolya to Egorya a frost, there will be a millet and oats“ (in other places the sign was connected with a buckwheat estimate of harvest).

Warm evening on Yakov (on May 13) too promised on a good harvest. On May 25, - Epifan. Judged it so: Morning of Epifan in a red caftan - to be to hot and droughty summer. And value of weather of the next day was expressed by a saying: “Kolya on Eremey serenely, and cleaning of bread is nice“.

If on May 26 there are mosquitoes, then warming at night days was supposed. This day and was called - Lukerya Komarshchitsa. And if next day, on Sidor, martins fly, then will bring warm; but if morning is cold and cloudy, but will clear up by the evening, then the cucumbers planted this day will yield unsuccessful fruits, and later - on the contrary - very much even good. Therefore - that also called Sidor (Isidor) Ogurechnikom. On May 28 named in the afternoon Pakhom Bokogrey: “Pakhom came - began to smell heat“; “On Pakhom warmly - all summer warm“.

Rain or buckets?

And peasants did not object to May rains, keeping saying: “The May rain superfluous does not happen“; “As in May a rain, and there will be a rye“. Dreamed that in a month passed at least three kind (that is very strong, plentiful) a rain, “then bread will be for three years full“; “the small rain gryaznit the earth, and big clears“.

On May 6 spoke of rainy weather too positively: “Egory with water, Nikola with a grass“; “To Yurya the rain - to cattle will be easy year“. About May 7 responded so: “Kolya on Evsey on roads dirt, there will be oats - the prince“. In this regard to Evsey Oats added a nickname eliminate. On May 8 was called as Mark - the Key keeper because was considered that he owns keys from rains. To it addressed requests for strong watering of the earth this day. However if bad weather happens on May 14, on Eremey Zapryagalnik, then can promise further severe winter.

But dozhdichek on St. Nikolay, that is on May 22 on new style, it would be very opportunely: “A rain on Nikolay, wait for a good harvest“; “The God`s favor if the rain will go to Nikola is big“. On May 24 according to a national calendar - Mokey Mokry, and spoke about weather: “On Mokey it is wet - the whole summer is wet“.

Wind or calm?

Windy weather was also welcomed in national phenology for the same reason of its advantage for a harvest. Our ancestors believed that warm wind on Iason (on May 11) brings health. Rural healers at midday came to the road waiting for warm trend from the South. It was considered curative and if to drive into a ladanka with special sentences, then it is possible to cure the patient.

Warm wind at the star sky was expected and on May 13. Inhabitants situated near Moscow the district were convinced that this presage of summer with thunder-storms and heat, and also a rich harvest. On May 18 was considered as a windy time, - the weather convenient for a grass burning out on fields (“a thin grass from the field!“). On Sidor (on May 27) if blows severko, that and the whole summer will be such is.

* * *

Here so. We are always glad to spring heat, the rain can irritate, as well as wind, and our ancestors were wiser: are ready and were glad in the necessary, in their opinion, time, both a bad weather to wait, and to a chill to be glad...