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The lady by the name of Anna: what it? Secrets of a name

of the Representative of a fine half of mankind with a harmonious name Anna always involved to themselves special attention from outside of men. Certainly, women the bearing other names, also had not smaller success. But our beloved Ania, Anechki and Annushka with what they would not be different possess the common features of character distinguishing them from other women.

These gentle natures with all their lovely whims and small weaknesses are pleasant to someone, and someone, perhaps, and not really. But, nevertheless, such we also love our unique and special Anyutok. And knowing as they at times do not suffer when they are named Anyuta or Anyutochka, give them from now on will not tell so and we will pass directly to interpretation of their name.

The name Anna is widely known around the world. And, despite distinction of languages, sounds at the different people almost equally. There is it from the Hebrew word designating “grace“, or important “pretty“. Two letters of which the name Anna consists allocate the owner with desire to begin and carry out (letter A), and also indicate its internal force (letter N).

Anna possesses such qualities, valued in any times, as kindness, modesty and disinterestedness. It is a little trustful, but at the same time the reliable and loyal friend, is always ready to support at a difficult moment. If it is necessary, it is capable also to self-sacrifice. Each Anna is allocated with charm and feminity. And good taste and congenital hostility to untidiness always help it to look beautiful and perfect. Also it usually well developed intuition. Thanks to the desire and ability to find a common language with people, Ania seldom has envious persons or enemies.

Boundless kindness of Anna and her ability to share feelings of people around do her by the careful daughter, the loving wife and beautiful mother. And compassion and ability to keep others secrets turn them into the best comforters. Anna honestly and with heavy responsibility treats any occupation which it undertook. It is given to work completely and never puts material interests above spiritual. The main thing for it is a hobby which will allow it to self-actualize and will bring joy and pleasure. How will highly appreciate its work from the financial point of view - a question for it not so and important.

Private life, despite all virtues of Anna, often develops not in the best way. And as it is sad, Anna appears one of culprits of the misfortune also. To be exact, “guilty“ are her kindness and readiness for self-sacrifice which at times play with it a mean joke and turn around against it. Anna treat those women who are useless to be pursued the love. The man can sing serenades, shower in its flowers, devote it verses, but if she did not choose him before, her heart will remain unapproachable. At the choice of the companion of Anna often are guided not so much by love, how many sympathy and pity.

But even if marriage will be unfortunate, they will prefer to keep it. Though in that case the husband can have a secret rival who will give to Anna what she will not be able to receive from marriage. But even in a similar situation she will remain faithful to both. And here change of the husband will be for it the hard blow: she any more will never be able to forgive it incorrectness. If marriage is happy, Anna`s elect should be ready to her insistence and to its whims. And not each man will be able to adapt to changeable mood of Anna. It is necessary also to tell that Anna are very attached to the children. They always keep with them cordial relations, and no power on earth is not capable to separate them.

What do not take out Anna, so it is roughnesses and manifestations of anger. And when someone begins to carp or try to provoke to the conflict, they prefer to retire into oneself and not to enter an open showdown. Anna will not begin to swear, needle or offend: she will prefer to wait unpleasant “conversation“.

Any Anna is always ready to give help to the family, relatives and friends. And very often assumes foreign cares. But sometimes she so is fond of problems and alarms of close people that she just forgets to think of herself. And if there is no person capable to help Anna to reach reasonable compromise between personal and others` interests nearby, it can undermine both her composure, and her health. The matter is that the more she will endow herself, paying attention to others, the stronger in her negative attitude to itself will accrue. Therefore it is so important to let to it know, as its problems deserve attention of people around.

Anna, owing to the character, very close accepts cares and difficulties of people. If she sees that not indifferent something strongly disturbs the person it, and it can help nothing to him - it is capable to cast it into the most severe depression. Such susceptibility often does Anna “dependent“ on mood of people. Knowing about it, relatives should be more attentive and not to shift to it problems in which solution it will not be able to give help.

There is an opinion that the most suitable couple for our Anne are owners of names Alexey, Boris, Evgeny and Konstantin. I do not undertake to claim how fair this remark. Perhaps, indeed. But it is ready to be charged by own name that, on - a last resort, one of them is capable to appreciate all sincere and personal qualities which generously allocated Anna and to present it that happiness about which it, as well as any other woman, dreams and which, of course, deserves.