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Where my village, where my home? McKinney`s city - sights of

In the first part of article I told about history of the city of McKinney, and stopped on the description of the building of prison in which some time the restaurant of the same name prospered.

Speaking about restaurants and cafe, it is necessary to mention the well-known restaurant “The Pantry“ (“Storeroom“) which exists in the city more than 20 years and is mentioned in all guides. The restaurant is located in the former shop of hardware goods, and on a floor it is still possible to see tags for measurement of length of boards.

Food at restaurant nostalgic for Americans - beans with rice, macaroni with chicken, chicken salad, stewed meat with rice. However the best in “Storeroom“ are desserts which are generally presented what in America is called “pies“ (pies). It is impossible to describe them, it is necessary to try. I warn in advance - it will be difficult to choose.

If you are not attracted by nostalgic American food, the choice of restaurants in the city is huge. Let`s not leave the area of a downtown - except “Storeroom“, are there: excellent restaurant of Italian cuisine “Mama Emilia`s“; a stake - a house of “Rick`s Chop house“; cafe where it is possible to eat the Spanish tapas, - “Malaga“; pizzeria and couple of others. Also on the square there is a coffee house and several wine bars.

However not bread uniform. McKinney is the recognized Texas capital of shops of ancient things (antiques). On the area of a downtown there are, at least, 15 shops and little shops where things are on sale ancient (and just old). To wander about these shops - great pleasure even for me though I do not love shopping. But these walks remind a visit of the museum, than actually shopping more. In these little shops it is possible to get acquainted perfectly with life of the beginning of XX and even the end of the 19th centuries, not to mention time of the Great Depression which is plentifully presented by various products from so-called “depressive“ glass (Depression Glass).

Near the area of a downtown there is a historical museum of the county of Colleen. In two quarters - the ancient region of Chestnut Square (Kashtanov Square) where perfectly safe there are buildings of the middle and the end of the 19th century representing the museum “The Village at Kashtanov Square“. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays tours are conducted there, besides, in the spring on Saturdays on the square the market where it is possible to buy fresh vegetables and fruit of local flood is open. And once a month on Sundays days of “live history“ are spent there - actors in suits represent life of last eras.

In McKinney`s city it is possible to arrange himself a small romantic holiday - for example, to celebrate a wedding anniversary as we made with the husband. We lodged in small Victorian hotel Bed and Breakfast under the name “Rose of Virginia“. In general, in McKinney of 5 similar hotels, but painfully darling the name seemed to me. I ordered the room under the name “Grandmother`s Attic“; agreed with the owner of hotel that she will not begin to discuss anything with my husband if he approaches phone; in advance delivered champagne and baggage in hotel and after a romantic dinner brought the husband to hotel - it was mine to it a gift on a wedding anniversary. In the morning we ate a refined breakfast, chatted with the hostess and went home, to children, dogs and economy.

Except all above-mentioned, in McKinney there is a park where concerts under the open sky are held in the summer, it is also possible to drive on a lake on boats in the form of swans. Absolutely near the city there is the well-known museum of a naturovedeniye under the open sky of The Heard Museum; the area under the name “Adriatic Sea“ reminding a small village in Croatia. Having driven off slightly far away, you will find small winery “Oaks of the county of Colleen“ (Collin Oaks) where it is possible to taste local wine and to look how it is made. On the lake Lavon is open small restaurant with the bar “Port Vegetable Marrow“ (Harbor`s House) where it is possible to get by the car, and it is possible and to moor by the boat. Every third Wick - end in McKinney opens month a huge flea market (flea market) conceding by the sizes only to the market in the Canton... and a lot of things still.

This city is one of the most favourite by me small (and not really) the cities of Texas, in such abundance scattered, like pearls, on prairies, hills and the woods of staff.