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Where my village, where my home? McKinney`s city - whether history

you Like to wander about shops of ancient things where it is possible to find unexpectedly things which also your Russian grandmother, for example, the pig-iron iron, a washing board or an ancient porcelain cup used?

To sit at a little table of cafe, located directly on the street and to drink coffee or ice tea - the drink of the southern states which is so well satisfying thirst in hot midday hours, - or a light wine? How about a lunch at the small restaurant which is not belonging to the McDonald`s or Wendy network where dishes prepare directly at restaurant, but are not brought frozen from a warehouse? To spend night in Bed and Breakfast hotel where each room has the color and the name, and the nourishing and tasty breakfast will be given on porcelain and silver?

All this can be done, having arrived to McKinney`s city, the city in America which became to me to the family. It is located in an hour of driving to the north from a downtown of Dallas and in 20 minutes from Pleyno where the Russian emigrants generally lodge.

This city - quite old to the American measures. It was based in 1841 by immigrants from states of Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas. The city received the name in honor of Collin McKinney who participated in creation and signing of the first Declaration of independence of Texas, and since 1846 lodged in the city and helped numerous immigrants to accustom here, often making astride a horse long trips from Texas on the North and back. Approximately in the same time the new county which is also called in honor of Collin McKinney - the county Collin was created.

Collin was born in a family of the Scottish emigrant in the State of Tennessee. In 1818 it was employed by the operating manor of senator George Washington Campbell while that worked as the ambassador in Russia. For the long life - and Collin McKinney lived up to old age in 95 years and was buried on a cemetery in Wang Olstinge - this person managed to be the citizen of 8 countries and the governments: was born the citizen of the king George III, then Mexico was a citizen of 13 independent republics, the U.S. citizen, in 1835 became the citizen of the conditional republic Texas, then already independent republic Texas (until Texas was not included in structure of the USA), then again the U.S. citizen, and, at last, the citizen of Confederation of the southern states.

The city called in honor of Mr. McKinney grew and developed - now more than 120 thousand people live in it. In 2008 all indexes on the central high-speed highway of Dallas were changed: if earlier Sherman (as it was specified on those road signs) was considered as the biggest city in the north, then with rapid growth of McKinney of an inscription on boards it was necessary to change.

McKinney stores the history - in the city many ancient buildings which are protected by the law. For example, the house 616 down the street the Western Virginia belonged to Tak Hill, the cousin of the famous robbers Jesse and Frank Dzheymsov. Both of these robbers often visited the relative that did not prevent that to be quite dear citizen in the city.

The building of a city town hall was built in 1876, now in this building there are a theater and the museum. The building of ancient city prison was built in 1880. Now the building is often used for shootings of movies, and 5 years ago the restaurant, exclusive on color, was located there - visitors sat in chambers at trellised doors, and all this was lit with candles. Fed tasty.

Be continued.