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Whether there is life after war? Or history of one winner.

Feeling that all earth is going to celebrate Day of the Great Victory . My grandmother was at war on a front line, took out wounded from a battlefield. For me she is not just a veteran. My birth, existence me on this earth is inseparably linked with this war. With the grandmother who left on the front in the 18 years. Exactly there, on fields of battles, she met my grandfather. And at the end of “chain“ I was born. The grandmother very much loves military songs. But her darling - “Labrador tea“.

Is my grandmother during the holiday devoted to celebration of veterans two years ago. The grandmother has many military awards, medals for participation in war and for work, the Award of Patriotic War of the Second degree and the Award for the work “Honour Sign“. But she very seldom puts on them; modest it at me. Here such - that modest boys and little girls also defended our country. Also pulled out it then from ruin. My grandmother worked and in the years of war, did not leave on the front yet - at plant in the settlement “Red October“ near Moscow remade under release of arms (the plant only at that time which was letting out lighting fixtures for cars was reconstructed on production of “stuffing“ for our mortars). Together with others, same very young, for 16 - 17, and even 14 years, guys and girls worked in changes for 12 hours. The grandmother told that at night when there was a strong wish to sleep - so that grew turbid in eyes, her workmate often spoke: “A rose, give, adjust the conveyor, we will make more, and then you will have a sleep.“ So they also dozed on an ocheredka directly on the line of the conveyor, “blockage“ did not collect yet, and the awake workmate did not awake sleeping.

at the end of war the grandmother gave birth to mother. Moved with it to Yaroslavl, to the father - my great-grandfather. And as soon as “oklematsya“ a little bit, went to work for the PTNII Experimental plant, and worked all the life there. Passed a way from the ordinary technologist to the deputy chief of technical department. In an interval - both the manager of dispatching office of service, and the senior technologist, and the foreman, and the senior norm setter... As my grandmother likes to tell sometimes: “Oh, Olga as whom I only did not work!.“ From her stories I know that always and everywhere where there were not enough hands, asked to come to the rescue the grandmother. Knew that she quickly everything “will grab“, and will never refuse. “Technician“ that is called from God. Right after childbirth she managed to finish Moscow the chemist - mechanical technical school. Could enter “automatically“ to the UNIVERSITY, but decided that then will get less attention her darling and the only daughter - my mother. I in general am surprised how she for the life was in time so much. Was in time all... except personal happiness. However, and it at it was - just too short flew voyenno - field love. But the grandmother the one-man woman, and all life loved only IT..., the regimental commander. Well, and, of course, my mother, then me, and then and my younger sister.

Now to it 86. I very much love the grandmother. I wish it health - that longer was with us. Such, as it, now rarity. We have other generation... Of course, there is always a hope that everything will change, but it would not be desirable that the price for it was war...