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Novel of Oleg Divov “Zombie`s trace. The master of dogs“ - about whom it, about the zombie, or all - about people?

How many about the zombie it is removed movies how many it is written books - and not to count! Therefore, about them I did not want to read at all, but, knowing Oleg Divov as the great and serious writer, started on the book. Also was not mistaken. It is possible, there is also a novel about the zombie to write so that the book appeared about people. And I even regretted that I did not read earlier. But now decided to make up for lost time, I will re-read all series “Zombie`s Trace“.

“ The master of dogs“ - the first book of the trilogy. It is written long ago, in 1997, but if not to pay attention to the pagers which are occasionally flashing in the book, then it is read it is quite modern. You are fond from the very first lines though in the beginning it seems that it is usual you rub on the hammered subject. This subject also at that time was one big stamp, and now and even less so. But is not present, the author knows the business, he skillfully avoided a fate of many writers who tried to plow it already hundred times the plowed-up field. He began to write as well as everything, about the zombie, but over time it became clear that writes - that it not absolutely about them.

The novel begins with banal hunting for the zombie. As it appeared, in Moscow zombies appeared, and the team on catching and shooting of these creatures was formed at once. Creatures get out of certain “holes“ which find and people block. “Holes“ is something like portals from other world. People with dogs wander about back streets of Moscow, with them the psychics feeling the zombie at distance., It seems, anything original. But here the most interesting also begins - the name of the author worked what I also counted on. There is a group of people with the dogs brought on mertvyak, that is and not on mertvyak, and on the strangers getting into our world and turning us in similar. There is a staff which directs them. There are creatures which they kill. But sometime secret becomes obvious. All staff teems with these creatures, all communication channels with the president hold creatures. But worst of all, when favourite people become creatures. And let not the real creatures, but just zombie, but over time their organism will change so that it will be impossible to correct anything. And the Master with the favourite Caucasian sheep-dog the Karma has to get rid of them. He decided to go on technical center to switch-off storm the generator which turns people into the zombie. And at the same time he will lose almost all structure of the group and itself can die.

Closer to the middle of the book the author brings us up to date. There is supposedly such Zombie program which was calculated on suppression of will of all people and it was created, it seems, at the time of the USSR. Together with the real creatures - newcomers zombie people began to occupy Moscow and nobody knows about it. And if to think - our population still as is similar to these zomby. They are snubbed, and they are silent, snub them even stronger, and they sit quietly and watch TV. Perhaps and the truth …

By and large this book not about the zombie, and about people, about understanding and misunderstanding, and how it is sometimes heavy to remain the person. Even if you yet not the zombie.

To retell the novel, of course I will not become. That who read it it will be uninteresting, and will be uninteresting to read to those who did not read.