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What would be if Yury Andropov did not die? Anton Pervushin`s novel “Star“ in a genre of an alternative fantasy

scientifically - the fantastic novel is written in style of an alternative fantasy. But if most often alternative history which I read earlier was about the remote past, or is almost not attached to history real where it is told as, for example, the Roman soldiers take North America and is not shown why it occurred, then here all not so. Everything is painted in detail, everything is classified, trust everything and there are no desires to postpone the book and to tell - “The Lie!“ And, it is so realistic it is shown that sometimes it is necessary to sit and think. If I am not mistaken, then incident with was a point where history went some other way, it is southern - the Korean plane. I remember that scandal when our Air Force shot down the plane which crossed border. The whole world then was up in arms against the USSR and was to nobody affairs to the fact that by this plane the espionage equipment was installed. But in the book all not so - the plane was not shot down. Having frayed a little, it was forced to landing. Pilots became heroes, having thundered for the whole world.

Further - it is more. Yury Andropov who had to die did not die. Having endured a serious illness, he returned to a country government. Also began to remake it. But not as it was made by Gorbachev who cast the USSR into a chasm of which all of us still continue to get out. No, in this book, all not so. Here all in a different way. Yury Andropov forced all to reconsider, to overestimate all life. From now on not the person stoops on the state, and on the contrary. In total for the Soviet person. As the result of all this is the USSR did not break up, no crises to us are terrible. Instead of placing emphasis on oil sale, we fill up the world with qualitative and cheap consumer goods. One of the main ideas of the novel - in response to the American SOY program our designers develop something like the space fighter, the shuttle capable within a month independently to keep in an orbit, destroying enemy satellites and the ships. Month, the knowing people consider, has to be enough to finish war. This fighter is called “Star“ the shock group of space forces ready at any time to reflect attack of aggressors consists of such ships. But the first task to which send pilots of “Star“ - not fighting. In principle, about it it is written not in the first part of the novel, and in the second and third. At the beginning it is told not about it. Against historical realities human life who since the childhood dreamed to become an astronaut is shown. Yury Moskalenko to become the astronaut went through the mill. He visited aero club, it came to flight school. Never forget about the dream and you will achieve all - one of the main thoughts of the book.

2003. During start of the American shuttle “Colombia“ there was an accident - the fallen-off piece of isolation from an external fuel tank punched the wing heat-shielding panel. It sometimes happens to shuttles, but one of engineers counted that the ship will be lost when landing - it should enter the terrestrial atmosphere, the wing will burn through in the place of a hole and the shuttle will break in a corkscrew. People often panic, but here not that case. After the hole was photographed by the military satellite, all were struck by similarity to the settlement image made by means of the computer program. As it often happens, nobody believes simple engineers therefore, it sent the calculations not to the administration, and directly to the president. Also it was lucky that above it was believed. Urgently gathered a team which has to remove crew from a board of “Colombia“. But it turned out that “Atlantis“ will not manage to start earlier, than the crew of “Colombia“ will remain without the vital air. Further new troubles begin - the crew decides to patch independently a hole in a wing and at the same time one astronaut perishes. Misfortunes never come alone - the computer network of NASA is suddenly struck by a worm and Americans lose control over a situation. But Russians come to the rescue - the same as once at permission of the Caribbean Crisis underground diplomacy goes into action. Through the journalist who in combination is an intelligence agent the help is offered to Americans - if they officially address Russians, then the USSR will declassify one of the last space developments. Here - that is also gone into action by “Star“ and removes crew from fateful “Colombia“.

The book should be lamented to all who love science fiction, loves an alternative fantasy, considers himself as the patriot, and just likes to read.