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Whether you know the rights?

As it are paradoxical, but the person himself puts to himself various barriers and restrictions. Only ourselves decide that we have no right to apply for work in this very known company. It ourselves consider that ourselves cannot get acquainted with the person of an opposite sex who was pleasant to us. We chose it by to work for such salary, to live in this city and this country.

Will be enough so to think! Give now together we will understand what rights each of us has.

Is right on the life

At least, this right to live own life. What here enters?

1. Something not to know the right. the Person cannot know everything. It is physically impossible. Therefore stop to drive yourself into a trap of a low self-assessment - “ I am not worthy to receive this position “, “ I is not ready to direct big department “, “ I am not able to do the same it well as Maryivanna “.

The person very much we train and we adapt, it is put in us genetically, otherwise our far ancestors just would not survive in the wild nature among saber-toothed tigers.

2. The right to ask questions. you have the right to obtain information necessary for you. Stop being silent “buky“ - begin to speak with the people surrounding you.

For example, ask explanations for fellow workers or ask “ what time is it now “ passersby on the street. Just ask and wait for the answer. You are surprised how many people willingly will meet requirements of you and will answer all your questions.

3. Right for a mistake. People always, made at all times, make and will make big and small mistakes. Being mistaken, we study. Without being mistaken, i.e. without allowing itself to make something new and novel, we do not get new experience, new contacts, new knowledge and opportunities.

Important not that you sometimes fall and painfully you hit. It is important to bring up in itself a good habit to rise after any falling and to go further!

4. Right for success. the Success is not destiny of a narrow “cohort of the elite“. You have too a right for success in that business to which you have a calling.

Nobody else cannot define for you whether there was your life successful. Only you know what does your life successful. Only you drive yourself into the category of “losers“ - losers.

5. You have the right to assert the rights. to Protect the rights. To stop aggressors. It is rigid to stop all attempts of attempt at your rights.

Who with a sword to us will come, that from a sword and will die

6. You have the right to change the opinion. It is in the order of things. Otherwise, progress is impossible. Not one thousand successful companies sank into a non-existence, too long adhering to the earlier advantageous strategy, but ceased to work (outdate) in our quickly changing world.

Remember Henry Ford`s with his statement “ Colour of the car can be any provided that it black “. This obstinacy cost to the then richest person in the world of its leading position on it the created automobile market.

7. You have a right for private life. you have the right to speak “there is no “. Or to ask a counter question “to Why I have to do it, you can explain to me?

Everyone has the right …

Each of us is given these rights. Assert the rights, protect them from any encroachments. You - it is simple you. And you have the right just to be yourself .

Take responsibility for the life in hand. Put into practice the rights, and you are surprised, your life to the best will how strongly change.

In end I want to remind you one more familiar expression of Henry Ford: “ People capitulate more often, than suffer crashes “...