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Elena Tyapkina: you remember such actress? You saw it on the screen more than once...

Who does not know the movie “Cheerful Children“! Any and everyone without effort will remember that is played there by Lyubov Orlova and Leonid Utesov. And here on a question of the one who created a distinguishing satirical image of mummy, not everyone will answer. But this actress is a heroine of today`s story.

Is known of the biography of the talented personality a little, unfortunately. She, the coeval of the 20th century, was born in Zamoskvorechye, in the family supporting measured tenor of life and high devotion. At the same time parents of Elena who house was called Lelya had an intelligent warehouse of character and tried to give to the daughter a good education.

Which - where messages that the family was on friendly terms with Prov Yermilov whose creative pseudonym - Sadovsky meet. However, if to consider that the famous ancestor of theatrical family died in 1872, ancestors of more distant knees can only carry it Tyapkinykh.

Since the childhood being fond of theater, but nevertheless without thinking of a career of an actor, the girl chose a humanitarian path and upon termination of a gymnasium went to study as the historian - philological faculty as literature too strongly attracted it. When in July, 1919 in Moscow the Rhythmic institute was open, went there.

It was the unique higher education institution in which besides actually rhythmics, taught solfeggio, music history, pedagogics, psychology, the art word, plasticity, physiology and other disciplines. By the way, rhythmics was conducted there by Elena Vasilyevna Chayanova. But Lelya Tyapkina was beckoned in this institute by another: fashionable school of Dalkroz.

It represents system musically - rhythmic education, development of musical and rhythmic abilities and trainings for development of perfect ear and talent of musical improvisation. Alas, exactly for inclusion in the program of this system the institute was closed in 1924. Our heroine for that time there was not for a long time.

Having managed to work as N. K. Krupskaya`s secretary in out-of-school department of Narprompros, she nevertheless decided to change a profession and came to the Studio of revolutionary satire created by the people`s commissar of education A. V. Lunacharsky and the director A. P. Zonov and then passed into the Highest theatrical workshops, more precisely into the Highest director`s workshops of V. E. Meyerhold entering into their structure, and then and in his theater where served several years and, under the available certificates, was deeply read them.

In 1926 for the first time acted in the movie “Kashtanka“, in two years - in “The house on Pipe“, and, at last, in 1934 - m - in “Cheerful children“. For the life Elena Alekseevna played 20 movie parts, including in such known tapes as “A light way“ (the secretary of Communist Party committee Pronina), “Substitute player“ (mother Vesnushkinykh), “Anna Karenina“ (princess Myagkaya), “War and peace“ (Akhrosimova).

But a specific place among them is held by military movies: “Wait for me“, “For the sake of the Homeland“, “Rainbow“. It is necessary to tell about the last in more detail. In it it played the Ukrainian collective farmer Fedosyyu in whose hut there lives a German - the chastener. But could and not play …

The matter is that as soon as offered the actress a role, news that her son Gleb who was not called up for military service for health reasons in the war died came, but, nevertheless, was in a military registration and enlistment office and insisted on sending to the front. To it suggested to refuse participation in shootings, and she as speak, answered: “I will play. We are at war“.

Ya. Varshavsky knowing Elena Alekseevna personally wrote about how she told:

“Nikolay Okhlopkov speaks: “Do not act, to you it will be too heavy, your Fedosya sees a corpse of the killed son as you will be able to play it, it is not necessary!“ All - I agreed to act. But with a condition - without rehearsals and without doubles: I will not be able to repeat. Nevertheless before the shooting it became impossible hard.

I speak to the director: “Spare, forces not enough!“. Really, tears smother. And the director, having bitterly hung the head, irons me and is silent. And I repeat: “However, I will not be able, spare“. Then it squeezed out from itself(himself) such word distributed during that time: “It is necessary!“.

“Yes, - I say, - I understand that it is necessary, I will try, but I do not know what will turn out“. The director asked me to peel in front of a chamber potatoes - likely to occupy my attention with simple, habitual action, not to exhaust expectation my forces. And here I peel potatoes... And somehow by itself affected: “Sonny, sonny...“. The scene was shot imperceptibly for me. Here the director kneelt before me and kissed the hands still smeared with potato“. a Director.

Victor Astafyev devoted to Elena Alekseevna the story “Old movie“ in which he and about the movie “Rainbow“ writes about her so:

“At the front, being already adult and grated fighter, I sat somehow in the Ukrainian klena who is closely killed with fighters directly on earth molotilny to current and watched the movie about war, looked and suddenly trembled heart, was thrown up, having recognized the acquaintance since the childhood the actress. In the klena deaf cough, rattle - soldiers cried “about themselves“, pressing the inflated breast pain, and everyone thought that only he cries one - such compassionate was born“. Many years of the life gave

to artistic creativity of E. A. Tyapkin. Played, except Meyerhold, in Theatre of Revolution, in Small, at Drama theater of M. Gorky in Rostov-on-Don, the Moscow drama theater. Sounded roles in animated films: “Tale of a priest and worker to his Head“ (1940), “The spring fairy tale“ (1941). At film acted in in 1980 last time - m, 4 years prior to death. It was the movie “Crumbling Vacation“.

Today Elena Alekseevna has a birthday - 110 - aya anniversary. The worthy reason to remember the talented actress. Light memory.