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Advice to the animator - to the inventor of

This material is devoted to the cheerful initiative people who do not have a wide experience in the organization of holidays or any carrying out actions in a circle of close friends. Mostly it is a set of useful tips on carrying out games, competitions or draws in the cheerful company.

We will begin with the main thing, the success of this or that competition or draw depends not only on the skillful choice of action, but also on how it is organized.

The leader has to come to guests with a ready competition or game, it means carefully to think over the plan of carrying out. It is necessary to solve at what moment of a holiday it in advance this competition will start and that will serve as “the game field“. All necessary has to be at it near at hand, about it it is necessary in due time will take care.

It is not necessary to repeat the same competition several times in one company.

The competitions and draws demanding big physical tension need to be alternated to quieter actions. Offering a new competition, it is necessary briefly, without going into unnecessary details, to explain it that everyone knew that it has to and what should not do.

Starting games or competitions, it is always necessary to proceed from the number of persons interested to take part in it, aspiring to that everyone had an opportunity not formally to participate to game, staying in it mostly as the observer, and to work or be in readiness to take part.

It is better to add brevity of a statement of content of game and its rules visually - to support with display. Here very essential service will be rendered to the leader by his acquaintances from among the guests who are already knowing this game and in some measure to them prepared the day before.

You should not forget both prizes and remunerations. Of course you should not be spent for expensive gifts, will be symbolical souvenirs, calendar cards, candies, etc. enough. Anyway, to fight for a treasured prize and eventually it will be twice more pleasant to receive it.

If it happened so the part of entertainment program will not manage to be carried out, owing to various reasons, or the competitive program the program came to an end, and guests did not play enough yet. You should not despair, in a stock always the Association has such game as, it is game absolutely for all age and the social statuses, it is better to play of course teams. Rules are known to all, one team thinks of the word which is told the representative of other team, that in turn has to, without pronouncing to explain words with gestures this word to the team. Not to tighten a competition, it is possible to limit time of “performance“ for 5 - 10 minutes.

The known Forfeits can serve as one more spare option to all, this one of the most known games does not need representation. Here it is possible to use cunning and help a little the owner of the apartment with establishing order after a party, making such wishes how to wash the dishes, to take out garbage or to vacuum upon termination of a feast.

Anyway to the most important components of any party or a feast “the soul of the company“ is so-called, the situation as if did not turn, the cheerful and erudite animator - the inventor will send positive energy to the necessary course.