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How is in Paradise? Unusual toponyms of Belarus

outside Belarus are known Minsk and the large cities of the republic. But settlements, villages and farms though in them also there lives the smaller part of the population of the country, much more, than the large cities. According to National cadastral agency the number of all settlements of Belarus exceeds 24 thousand, more precisely - 24006.

They are called differently. Among names Old Pryanichki , New Popina , Morgues , Bits , of the Sweet tooth , of the Trick and Cupid . In Zelvensky district is Tulovo`s , of the Neck and Puziki`s . In Berezovsky peacefully get on Thumped and Belched . Not far from the homeland of the first president, near Shklov there are “ready to a forging“ New and Old Suitcases . Near Dzerzhinsk took place Mars and Jupiter , the men`s company Venus supplements that near Logoysk. On the map of Belarus it is possible to meet the village Belorus and even two of Paradise . Here likely where high living!

On this background the central region of the country - Minsk - not “struck with the person in dirt“. Here too it is possible to meet many interesting and even exotic names of settlements which inhabitants lead usual life of the Belarusian province, not too paying attention to loud names of the small homeland.

The village the Palace hides from curious eyes far from main roads. It seems on the card it is, but to find with some difficulty. On the way to the Palace not to pass the village of Zastarinye .

The Palace reminds palace constructions, only if to include the imagination for all 200%, it is not less. Usual Belarusian remote place. The most “abrupt“ constructions - two brick cottages without any excessive decor.

Once in the Palace there lived a landowner. Probably, his house near which there was a kaplitsa gave a reason to the loud name. Of the house some time was reminded by the lime avenue, but modern inhabitants and about it know only by hearsay. Somehow the local youth burned the last linden to Kupala when fires everywhere flare. Today even already nobody will specify the place of the avenue. From radical dvorchan in the village only seven people remained. Other visitors, and the last years began to buy up sites Minskers under dachas.

A berry - one more remarkable name on the card of a minshchina. On a question whether there is a lot of in vicinities of berries, locals evasively answer: “Places should be known“. The village is well-groomed, lodges fresh and pure. As well as in the Palace - in places it is possible to see buildings, new summer residents are equipped on the acquired sites.

Before revolution of any Truth in Chervensky district the Minsk region was not. But were Dragcha Vuglatskaya and Dragcha Panskaya . Bolsheviks dissonant dragch, especially pansky, did not wish to suffer. The first turned into the Truth, and the second into Kutozovka . Whether there is a truth in the Truth - it is unknown. But it is known that buildings of “the culture centers“ - local library and club - took down a few years ago because of decay. And there is nobody to go there. Locals are entirely pensioners, and there is no youth here. The truth dies out, as well as many other “unpromising“ villages.

Once long ago the village Cheerful really differed in cheerful nature of the inhabitants able not only to work on kolkhoz fields but also to have a rest cheerfully. To have fun was where, and was to whom. In post-war years in Cheerful there were more than forty yards. Today from former inhabitants there were only five people. Cheerful lives from - for summer residents, their farms do not allow the village to die quietly.

A set phrase “remote village“ means the godforsaken settlement. But on the map of the Minsk region there is also such. The village of the Deaf does not approach any road, there is no nayezzhenny track even. In the years of war local guerrillas held the staff here, even then in the village there were only nine yards.

Now the lop-sided huts became empty, in the village two grannies which are occasionally visited by the adult children coming from the city attain the age to breathe fresh air and to take away the edibles prepared by grandmothers. Of course business does not reach a pylon, force at old women not those for a long time, but yes the health kitchen garden is enough for chickens so far.

Except the Truth mentioned above the Soviet power decorated the map of Belarus and other “harmonious“ names. Two America , in Zhlobinsky and Orshansky districts renamed into Soviet and Krasnopoltsa`s . Bezdelich Tolochinsky district of steel Spacious , Gods near Mior turned into Zagornoye . Dirty “washed“ and became New , the Long Dung New settlers , Kakal now the Torch , and Pisyut`s - found a name of of Zalesnaya .

Belorus mentioned already was once Matyukami`s , the Homeland - Samodurovshchiny , and Komsomol - Pukovy . Names over three hundred villages for years of the Soviet power began to sound in a new way. But it did not preserve them from silent withering.

Less and less Belarusians lives in villages. The reasons are known. At all the shortcomings the city has the developed infrastructure, there it is easier to survive, there is no need to perform a hard work, to prepare firewood, to heat the furnace, to put a kitchen garden and to carry water from a well. How abused policlinics and hospitals - but they are, and shops, at all the high cost, are quite capable to provide with bread and milk even of the needy citizen.

Disappearance of villages is promoted also by good undertakings. Practice of creation of agrotowns, perhaps, also improves living conditions of people, but inevitably assumes death of tens of unpromising villages.

Whether still unusual names long will surprise people? It is unlikely, unless found on dusty pages of archival documents...