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How go crazy from series?“ Be not born the beauty“. The story

- Again you watch this hogwash!

Arina Ivanovna Revnivtseva, as usual during display of favourite series on TV, comfortably settled down in the cozy chair. In a familiar way threw with a checkered plaid knees. To it, the sixty-nine-year-old woman wanted to plunge into the atmosphere of youth and love, intrigues and experiences again. Action of series was developed against modern business concern, but Arina Ivanovna, looking in the screen, was transferred in the memoirs on many decades ago, there, where it began to work as the ordinary secretary for the director of one of the Soviet scientific research institutes.

The series “Be Not Born the Beauty“ took away it mentally those far years. Times were absolutely others, people differed too, but passions boiled and then, just did not show them so openly. Nevertheless the moral shape was worth a lot …

- Well how many it is possible to watch it? If there are three thousand &ndash series; you pereglyadit everything? - asked the second question with irritation in a voice of her spouses - Anatoly Petrovich Revnivtsev.

- Go to the room and listen to these boring political news again! And do not disturb me! - habitually the wife parried.

- It can go haywire finally, it is so much series to look! You sho, commercial will open firm? Nonche ento on fashion! And in what to be engaged - that you will be? Socks to knit?

- At least socks.

- Dak I heard on the TV said that in any Chinese town, ent Chinese, make nearly eighty percent of world production of socks. Al you want to Chinese here, sitting with a hook in front of the TV, to make the competition?

- Go, do not disturb on beautiful people to look!

They lived together nearly fifty years. The fiftieth anniversary of their wedding came in a month. The husband was more senior than the wife for six years. Children them had the children long ago, grandsons grew up and slowly got already own children. When on the screen there was an image of the young actor, directors of firm, the old woman began to smile and, even, clapped for pleasure. - Watch

what handsome man this Atipenko! Directly - it is expensive to Ljubo to look!

The grandfather in reply to angrily spitted out. - And you already and it is opposite to

to look at me? It became old - also you do not look. Looks at young people. To you under seventy what you look - that? The groom, what, instead of me, you look after?

- Yes this another that at you with the head recently, and? - the woman became angry. - You what watch me recently - that? Do not think, I saw how you eavesdropped on my phone conversations. What in them interesting - I talked to social security! In spies you play?

- so kindly do not talk To social security.

- As to me to talk to them - if they to me properly?

- is fine, - the grandfather, &ndash waved a hand; what with you to tell! To you these actors it is more important svovo than the husband!

Arina Ivanovna so became interested in series that she did not pass any series. She began to do cuttings of newspapers and magazines with interview of the actors involved in shootings cut out their portraits, often discussed plot peripetias with girlfriends, and the most different age. It since the childhood had a reputation for the sociable person, live and mobile, had many friends. Liked to go to the cinema and on dances, was fond of theater. Besides was in the organization by very active public figure. But, since problems with legs began, she spent more and more time behind the TV and books.

Her husband appeared other warehouse of character: by profession, he had a thinker, the taciturn person, the mathematician two close friends, but also those lay and the crude earth for a long time. Now he felt lonely the person. The grandfather generally was interested now in a political situation and in what his spouse was engaged. It permanently regularly did two things: voted on elections of all levels of the power and controlled life of the spouse. Children not so often visited Revnivtsev, grandsons preferred still to raise the children - without attraction of the help of the senior generation.

Every other day after skirmish concerning series Anatoly Petrovich while his wife heavy feet went in shop for milk and cottage cheese, considered the daddy with cuttings of interview and portraits of heroes of the saga “Be Not Born the Beauty“.

- Something is not fine here! Yes, something is not fine! - he muttered to himself under a nose, considering fine-molded profiles of young actors and actresses of series. Most of all cuttings concerned one of the main characters - the nice young man, on a plot - directors of firm.

- See, what nimble! - summarized Jealous men, slamming this peculiar file on “stars“.

the grandfather began to monitor Now regularly this swelling file, and it was easy to do this: Arina Ivanovna did not hide it from anybody. It just collected materials on the question interesting her.

In three weeks Anatoly Petrovich just gasped when he came into the room of the spouse. The colourful and huge poster with a portrait of that young actor, director of firm hung on a wall, over its bed, now, from “Be not born the beauty“. The poster was evident at once, was memorable, glossy, is printed on excellent paper. The actor Atipenko, of course, looked real. The old man long considered a portrait of the young man. Then even approached a mirror, but looked in it not for long. It lost, in his opinion, at all points to this good fellow from an advertizing poster. “-And what it it it it is direct over the bed hung up - that? That entot the shameless eyes considered my supruzhnitsa?“ - Anatoly Petrovich with emotion reflected. Eventually, he concluded that his wife absolutely drove out of mind, and pokovylyal on kitchen. There Arina Ivanovna made a lunch. - Wait for

, soon borsch your darling will be ready, - she told, stirring slowly with pan contents.

- You are mail enty young on a wall at yourself in the room, over a bed, hung up? - terribly the grandfather, &ndash rang out; Lyub it to you as I will have a look! Arina Ivanovna with surprise looked at

on Revnivtseva:

- You what, went crazy, perhaps? Well, bought a portrait it. Beautifully and these series to me to liking! You too to yourself hung up about ten years ago a huge photo of the naked woman over a bed! Forgot? Spoke - the invoice and mathematical proportions at the maid are good! Well though removed then this shame! I hung up the beautiful actor, and without any this … How it? Erotiki!

- Dak at that maid really of a proportion were almost ideal! To you not to understand it, and I - mathematician! And at it over your bed, what such proportions ideal?

- the Grandfather, do not torment me with silly questions. Let`s better borsch eat!

- Well, look, the grandma, you will not spend me, - the spouse threatened, - and now something is not especially hungry me! You to the svy handsome man cook borsches!

The old man left kitchen. The woman wearily and slowly sat down on a stool and became with melancholy in eyes to look out of the window.

Arina Ivanovna went Next day a usual route to shop, habitually greeting and talking to acquaintances on the road. She also did not know that today it has an unusual walk: having pulled a hat on the ears, having deafly wrapped in a scarf so that the person is almost not visible, at some distance it was followed by her blessed spouse. The spy in the best traditions of the Hollywood movies acted: changed the parties of the movement, looked back, as if accidentally, checking whether there is no shadowing it, pretended that window-shops shops. Sometimes stopped and did marks in a small notebook - whom his spouse in how many under what circumstances met. If, God forbid, the man was the interlocutor of the woman, then entries were made in more detail. Growth, approximate age, clothes of the interlocutor of the wife was fixed. So worked Jealous men for about a week, but did not find the compromising materials. “Well disappears“, - the beginning spy solved. He suddenly began to assume that he was “revealed“ and therefore he manages “to dig“ nothing on the suspect. And when Anatoly Petrovich intentionally opened the medallion of the spouse forgotten on a table, his doubts amplified to a limit. As it turned out: Arina Ivanovna went to take a bath, a medallion that always carried at heart, left in the room. Usually in it there were alternately small portretik of their children, grandsons or great-grandsons. But now in it there was a photo of the same young actor from the poster in its room.

Jealous men decided to expose “traitress“. For this purpose it used the old checked way - provocation. He sat down at a desk, turned on the light, got paper and the handle and began to write:

“My dear, beloved Arinushka! Your favourite actor from series “Be Not Born the Beauty“ writes you. Despite so big age difference, I have to you the tender feelings...“

Here Jealous men reflected - what feelings can be had in this situation, then thought up and added: “deep love feelings, in response to your love to me“. He wrote some more sublime offers, got in advance bought post envelope. Enclosed in it the written letter, stuck, in department “coma “ wrote the home address and a surname to “Revnivtseva Arina Ivanovna“, and in the section “from whom“ wrote: Moscow, television, studio of series “Be Not Born a Krasivitsa“. Then from other, old envelope, cut out a round stamp of mail, pasted on the envelope and admired the work. It pleased it.

Day of the fiftieth anniversary of a wedding dropped out on Wednesday therefore it was decided that numerous guests will come in Saturday to congratulate on anniversary. Today, on Wednesday, Revnivtsev together celebrated this round date of the house, in kitchen. They remembered how everything was fifty years ago as who gave them what plans and dreams were. Arina Ivanovna spoke, as usual, and Anatoly Petrovich was silent more and more, ugryumitsya and added to himself vodka. Doctors forbade it alcohol long ago, and it stuck to this ban. But today decided to make an exception.

- you will have enough already, all! - the wife covered with a palm the next pile of “fire-water“, - you what are such gloomy, angry today? Today a holiday at us! Anniversary!

of Jealous men strained and suddenly sharply blurted out:

- And you know that I found in a mailbox today? - it took out from a shirt pocket an envelope, - here that! I read from whom it and, know, having learned from whom, I opened an envelope. On, watch from whom! - the envelope departed to the woman on knees. She looked at the face of a post rectangle, read the address of the sender and was surprised:

- That for nonsense!

It returned an envelope to the husband.

- And it is not nonsense, but the letter to you from this handsome man from series. Listen that he writes! - Jealous men the envelope opened and began to read to the wife it the thought-up letter. Anatoly Petrovich with such enthusiasm did it that even itself believed that written - fruit of labor of the actor from series.

- Shut up, the old cretin! You drove out of mind! You went balmy! - the spouse in anger was terrified.

- you - lovers! I know it! - without restraint the old man, &ndash shouted; Its photo at you over a bed, you meet it, speak by phone, correspond! You for days on end watch it on TV! Even in a medallion its your photo, but not mine! You have a love file in special to the daddy!

- Yes, it is pleasant to me! - Arina Ivanovna enraged from this lie, &ndash shouted in reply; And if I am twenty years old again, I would approach it! And you, old marasmus...

She did not manage to finish speaking. Three direct shots a narrow kitchen knife to the area of heart deprived of it life. Enraged Jealous men, two more times pierced the dead body which is already lying on a floor. Now Anatoly Petrovich towered over the blood-stained wife with a knife in a hand and panted. Heart was ready to jump out of a breast. Jealous men on a stenochka went along a corridor to the wife`s bedroom where directly - fell to a bed. Long lay not movably, deeply breathing. To it it was so bad that the death seemed disposal of torments, but “slanting“ did not come. Half an hour more later, the murderer lifted a tube of phone and gathered 02 and heard:

- the Person on duty by part Scherbakov listens!

- Militia! Militia?!

- Militia. Speak!

- I killed this loose woman, I killed her!

- you Say more clearly whom you killed?

- the Loose woman, the wife! I killed her with a knife. Will get it either I, or him, to anybody. - the Lump to “it“ will not get

? - the militiaman krutanut the head.

- to her lover from series “Be Not Born the Beauty“. She adored it. Main character. - Forgive to

, - Scherbakov understood what with him is told by obviously elderly person, - and how many years to your wife?

- Sixty nine.

- Wow! And to you?

- Seventy four.

- So you killed the wife who is seventy years old for the fact that she is a mistress of the main character of series “Be Not Born the Beauty“?

- Yes.

- And from what it you, the grandfather, took what your wife the mistress of the main character of popular series?!

- I have proofs. His letter to it. Its meetings with men. I saw all this secretly, wrote down, collected on it data …

- you watched it? Long ago?

- Of course, watched. But she, probably, declassified me. And all the same, I have incontestable proofs. I caught her. And she paid for incorrectness!

- you killed the wife of seventy years from - for jealousy of the young hero of series? - became stupid the person on duty on operchast asked a question.

- Yes, I made it. Knife. And I will be responsible for it to the fullest extent of the law.

- I will send to you a dress, - uncertainly the militiaman, &ndash concluded; give your address.

Jealous men gave necessary coordinates, looked at a big portrait of “star“ of series over the wife`s bed, nezloblivo lowed:

- You will not receive it now! I will be with it soon, as well as all life! Anatoly Petrovich just began to wait for


The person on duty of the Department of Internal Affairs Scherbakov contacted a patrol car and declared a task:

- Children, check the address, - he called the address, - there it seems as murder, but very much strange. It seems, as the grandfather of seventy five years killed the seventy-year-old wife for the fact that she is a mistress of the main character of series “Be Not Born the Beauty“.

- Who - who is she? - with astonishment militiamen, &ndash asked again; Who - who?

- Check the address, just in case. The call is, is registered. I understand - idiocy, of course, but what only does not happen in our service. Check!

- Understood! It is accepted! - one of crew members of patrol transferred to the answer and directed the car towards the called address.