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Life was not successful? Let dissatisfied envy

“Was not died“. Sociologists note such attitude at most of Russians. And it is valid, many of us constantly are dissatisfied with something: family, work, administration, power, weather. Listen to the sores, many of which also do not exist at all.

Till certain time, long ago, such thoughts arose also in my head. Did not get acquainted personally yet with people who live, one may say, contrary to the life, despite of severe sentences of doctors.

Very often, for some reason then when vague thoughts of caducity of life and sense of the stay of the person on the earth begin to visit a golovushka, you receive a signal. For example, phone call is suddenly distributed.

... My old acquaintance Tolik Hromykh called. In the youth - the dashing guy in love with motorcycles. Drove on them with an inconceivable speed, participated in various rallies.

But … there was a trouble. In eighteen years had a terrible accident. As a result - a spine injury and impossibility to move without wheelchair. We also got acquainted with it in hospital chamber where it immobilized lay nearly a year. I then visited the distant relative. So it turned out that Tolik became my friend and an example of improbable will power, ineradicable love to life subsequently.

From a bed where it was long 10 months, only the piece of a window and a branch of a tree was visible. Tolina Schur`s mother all this time stayed on a chair nearby. The woman waited for a miracle. And it occurred. No, Tolik did not begin to go, but began to live, breathing a full breast, so, that many healthy could not. Now to it thirty eight. Behind shoulders of a victory in numerous competitions where he took prizes on archery among disabled people. Trips to the different countries.

After arrival from Belgium Tolik told, how easier is to disabled people (more conveniently) - to wheelchair invalids in this country. That ramps - everywhere, as an indispensable condition of existence of any infrastructure. The car - not a problem, simply a way to move freely as within the country, and beyond its limits. Carriages so easy and convenient what to put any and it is possible to put in the car without assistance. And at breakage of the car the technical service happens on the place in ten minutes. The fairy tale for our country, the truth?

But we were born in Russia, and hardly wait for us somewhere abroad, especially in such situation. Means, it is necessary to accept life such what it is, and in that state in what as the fates decree there was a person. It is difficult, but it is possible. It is easy to choose the line of least resistance, but it is the simplest and most pernicious road.

As one more my good acquaintance, Yura Vorobyov who had a car accident, twenty years chained to a wheelchair speaks: “... If to understand, me a sin to complain of the life. I cannot get out to the street - became the poet, broke a back - became the believer, the car broke - began to write“.

And, however, it has tremendous verses, niskolechko not sad, on the contrary - light and positive. Reading them, even you do not assume mind that was written by their person who without assistance cannot even go outside. I do not know how at it it turns out, but, being locked up practically, it did not become the grumbler, unlike us - healthy and walking.

Many, especially in villages, swear, drink and watch TV. The focus of interest became isolated. Yes, still abuse the country, the government (“do not help, pay a little and in general badly direct“), grumble apropos and without cause.

Someone clever told: “While we were dissatisfied with life, it passed“. I thought that it is just witty phrase, but it appears, it is caution, davny - long ago written to Bibles.

Perhaps all - let`s enjoy life, to love it, to respect. As it is banal sounds, we one, another will not have it, and we should live it in these certain conditions and in the certain state given us from above and is not casual at all.

It would be healthy if everyone learned to understand it.